How do I re-sync data from Jira?


The qTest and Jira integration are designed to work in real-time so that any changes from Jira are reflected in qTest immediately. However, sometimes the connection between the two tools can break, and the data can become out of sync. 

Resynchronizing data from Jira is easy, just follow the instructions below.

Validate the Jira Connection

NOTE: You must have Project Admin permission in order to perform the below steps.

  1. Within your qTest project, select the Integration Settings option from the Project Settings list. 

  2. In the Configure integration: Jira page, select the hyperlink of your Jira Connection Name.

  3. In the Jira Connection dialog, select Test Jira Connection. You should see a message: "Connected to server successfully." Then, click Save.

  4. You will be directed to the Jira Configuration Page.

Re-sync Jira Requirements

  1. If you have Requirements integrated with Jira, make sure to click the Retrieve Jira Data button in the Requirements Integration section.

  2. You will see a progress bar indicating that requirements from Jira are being synced.

  3. Once the retrieval is completed, you will see a confirmation message with the total number of requirements retrieved from Jira.

Re-sync Jira Defects

  1. If you have enabled Unlinked Jira Defects to bring in Jira defects into Insights for reporting, then you will need to re-sync Jira Defect data. You can see if your qTest project has this enabled by looking for the checkbox selection in "Add ad-hoc Jira Defects to Insights Reporting" towards the bottom of the Defect Integration section.
  2. If you have Unlinked Jira Defects enabled, click on the Fetch Jira Defect button. You will see a progress bar indicating that defects are being retrieved in the background. 

  3. You can continue to work within your qTest project while this data is being retrieved.

Once your requirements and defects from Jira are re-synced from Jira, you can continue working as before knowing that qTest and Jira are passing data in real-time as expected.

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