Launch 1.4.1 OnDemand Release Notes - December 10, 2018


Several enhancements have been made to the Launch UI, including:

  • The ability to schedule test execution either hourly or weekly for Test Runs, Requirements and Test Cases. Previously, you could only schedule your automation jobs within the qTest Manager Test Execution UI.
  • A new 'Jobs view' is available that allows you to view and manage your automation jobs created across your Automation Host Agents.
  • A toggle button is added so you can switch between viewing information for your Hosts and Jobs.

Please note that you must download and install the Automation Host 2.2.1 to work with qTest Launch 1.4.1.


Schedule Test Execution 

Elite users are now able to schedule test execution jobs for Test Runs, Requirements and Test Cases in qTest Launch. Additionally, the jobs can be scheduled to run either hourly, daily, for multiple weekdays, or monthly. 
Important: You can only schedule jobs to run hourly in Launch and those hourly jobs will not be shown in the qTest Manager legacy 'Job View' in Automation Settings. 

For more information on how to schedule your test execution in qTest Launch, please read this article

Ability to View Automation Jobs 

The new 'Job Level view' allows you to view and manage all of the automation jobs that you have created across your Automation Hosts. A new Hosts/Jobs toggle is available in the action header so you can easily flip between viewing your information by either Hosts or Jobs. Any filters selected for Project, Host, or Tag will stick when toggling your view between Hosts and Jobs.

For additional information on the new Job level view, please read this article. 


Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Ticket 22209: Previously, Launch failed to parse results.xml JUnit file after the Automation Scripts finish. This issue has been resolved. 


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