Insights 1.19 OD Release Notes

Insights 1.19-October 10, 2018 Release Notes


Defect Analysis

The Report Gallery now has a Defect Analysis Report. Here, users can view both the latest Test Run results and Defect Statuses concerning both linked and unlinked Defects. This report allows users to analyze the quality of development.


The Defect Analysis Report includes three charts:

  • Latest Test Run Results: Pie chart displaying the latest test run results by status.
  • Defect Status: Pie chart displaying the number of defects of each status (including Jira defects linked and unlinked).
  • Defect Details: Table data for all the defects created in Jira or Manager. The data is ordered by ID and excludes these statuses: Closed, Deferred, Withdrawn and Rejected.




Users can apply the Global Filter to the Report and then save filter settings so that teams can re-visit the report without having to reconfigure filters. Users will also be able to create an embedded URL for their Defect Analysis Reports. 


Note: The Defect Analysis Report will not have any statuses automatically applied in the filter. Users will have to select statuses to generate charts and data.

External Defects

In Explore Data, the term 'Defects (Linked)' has been renamed to 'Defects (External)' to better represent the type of defect data. 

  • Linked Defects are defects from an External Instance that have been linked to qTest Test Runs. 
  • Unlinked Defects are defects that, while from an External Instance, are not linked to any qTest objects. This is currently only available for Jira. 

External defects from Jira, VersionOne, and Rally populate in qTest Insights Explore Data Defects Reports. 

Additionally, the External Defects are now separated by the tool name in the Explore Data >Defect External drop-down menu. Previously, all External Defects, whether from Rally or Jira, would populate in the same section. This change improves both site organization and load-time.


Defect Status (External) Panel

Defect Status (External) Panel is now available in the Dashboard Gallery and allows users to view external defects both linked and unlinked to qTest Test runs. Previously, there was only a panel for Linked Defects. This panel is available to add to your Dashboard and you can filter the viewable data using the embedded filter.


The panel counts all available external defects integrated to the site (Jira linked, Jira unlinked, Rally linked, VersionOne linked) and also contains a local filter for all available defect integration.


Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Ticket 20254: The back button now works when in Portfolio Overview. Previously, the button did not work.
  • Ticket 20898: In Explore Defects, users can now access the defect (qTest) field "description," and export defect details. Previously, this feature was not accessible.


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