Manager 9.3.1+ OnDemand Release Notes

Manager 9.3.6 December 17, 2018



More Debug Logging

Operation teams now have the capability to practice more debug logging, allowing for better monitoring of the queue.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Ticket 16065: A password change reminder no longer appears within every tab in qTest Administration. Previously, if a users' password was soon to expire, a reminder dialog displayed within every tab in qTest Administration. Now, the dialog will only show once upon either logging in successfully or refreshing the Admin page.
  • Ticket 21784: Requirements now sync properly when a defect is submitted to JIRA.

Manager 9.3.5 December 6, 2018

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Ticket 17653: When exporting Test Run information from within Test Execution, user information will be exported successfully even if that user has not accepted their invite to qTest Manager. Previously, the "Assigned To" field was left empty in the exported Excel file if that assigned user had not accepted their invite.
  • Ticket 18895: You can now use "+" in a Test Cycle name. Previously, the "+" would be replaced with a blank space.

Manager 9.3.4 November 28, 2018


Scenario v1 Configuration Removed from qTest Manager

The legacy Scenario v1 Configuration has been removed from the Jira Integration Settings page only for projects that do not have an active connection to Jira Scenario. Projects that do have an active connection to Jira Scenario v1 will still be able to see the Scenario v1 Configuration section inside the qTest Manager>Jira Integration Settings page.

'Get a Test Run' API Updates

  • Parameter values are now available in the "Get a Test Run" API response body when a user specifies expand=testcase.teststep in the GET request.
  • Test Execution hierarchy and the order of Test Runs within the Test Execution hierarchy is added to the API response.

Jira Project Configuration Update

You can now type in the Project drop-down when adding a 'Jira Issue Type' in the Defect and Requirement Integration sections. 

API Updates

API's have been created or updated for the following features:

  • Remove attachments to a Test Step of a submitted Test Log
  • Users with the "View Test Runs" permission can download attachments to a Test Step of a submitted Test Log
  • Retrieve the admin profile of a user
  • Users with the "View Test Runs" permission can retrieve the Test Execution hierarchy folder under a root or specific container

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  •  Tickets 16710, 19663: Data inconsistencies for test execution statistics has been fixed.
  •  Ticket 17921: Filtering test cases by the assignee would sometimes return usernames not selected in the query filter. This is resolved.
  •  Ticket 18825: The Requirement field has been removed from the Import Test Case Wizard. 
  •  Ticket 19321: Previously, if the 'Approve' button was hit twice (quickly) for a Test Case, then the Test Case History would display two versions with the same version number as well as duplicate Test Steps visible in Test Runs associated with the duplicate Test Cases. This is now resolved. 
  • Tickets 20792, 21224, 21528: SSO Login users encountered issues when trying to log in. This has been fixed.
  • Ticket 21554, 21560: There was a miscalculation of the time between the automated alerts "Need Password Update" and "Expired Password." This resulted in users' passwords wrongly expiring. This issue has been fixed.
  • Ticket 21596, 22481: Users can now successfully update scripts in the TestPad while in Test Execution. Previously, there were infrequent issues in which updated scripts were not saved.
  • Ticket 21758: Users no longer have issues when logging in to Azure AD.

Manager 9.3.3 November 21, 2018

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Ticket 19883: The endpoint to update requirements now accepts "" (empty value), "null" (null value) and "[]" (empty array value) in the "field_value" of a "Multiple Selection Box" field in a "PUT /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/requirements/{requirementId}" request.
  • Ticket 19993: qTest Test Design now works properly using IE11 Browser.
  • Ticket 20391: Typo fixed in modal when copying test cases from one project to another.
  • Ticket 20533: The Export Test Run Reports will now only display the appropriate defect ID's in the Defect ID column. 
  • Ticket 20305: Performance receiving data in the Test Execution tree has been enhanced.

Manager 9.3.2 November 14, 2018

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Ticket 19773, 19796, 19910, 19999, 20330, 20487, 20515, 21905, 22140, 22074, 22163, 19725, 22247: IE11 browser issues with qTest Manager is now resolved.
  • You can now copy/paste a Test Case with Site Field Custom Values to a destination project correctly.
  • When copying Test Cases to a destination project, the private values from the original project will not carry forward.

Manager 9.3.1 November 8, 2018

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Ticket 21068- You can now receive the "Notes" value of a TestLog while using a Get REST API call. This is now functioning as expected.
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