Conditional Formatting Examples for Portfolio Reporting


You will need to build your Conditional Expressions to define your Threshold Criteria.

In your Conditional Expressions, you can use the following mathematic conditions:

  • Less than (<)
  • Greater than (>)
  • Equal (=)
  • Less than or equal (<=)
  • Greater than or equal (>=)
  • Not equal (<>)

IMPORTANT: When writing your Expressions, use the symbols referenced above in the parentheses and not the actual word. For example:

  • Do not write "A is less than 4"
  • Do write "A<4"

You can also include conjunctions in your expressions to combine more than one condition using the following conjunctions:

  • AND
  • OR

Four Conditional Expression Examples

For a simple Conditional Expression in which the tester only makes use of the Greater than condition, refer to the following example in which the conditions are as follows:

  • The percentage of Project defects open (D) is
  •  the percentage of Project defects closed (B).


To do so, the tester created a simple Conditional Expression, following these steps:

  1. In the "Conditional Formatting" dialog, note your selected Status Fields and their accompanying upper-case letters. 
    IMPORTANT: When writing your Expressions, use only the associated upper-case letter to represent your status field(s).
  2. In the "Conditional Expression" text-field, type your Conditional Expression. To highlight a portfolio in which the percentage of Project Defects Solved is Greater Than the Percentage of Defects Yet to be Solved, write one of these two expressions:
    • D>B
    • B<D
  3. Select Update, and the conditional formatting will save. 
  4. Continue the process above to include more conditional formatting.
  5. Select Save at the top of the Portfolios page to save your changes to the individual portfolio you have selected.

If you want to create different Conditional Expressions, follow the same steps as above using different conditions. Below is an example of a more complex Conditional Expression that defines a Threshold Criteria based on the following conditions:

  • The number of Test Runs Blocked is less than four
  • The percentage of Test Runs Failed is less than three
  • The percentage of Test Runs Blocked is less than four


So far, each conditional expression has relied upon the conditions Greater than (>) and/or Less than (<). However, users can also use Greater than or Equal to (=) in their Conditional Expressions. Refer to the example below in which the conditions are as follows:

  • The number of Defects Open is either Greater than or Equal to two
  • The number of Defects Closed is Greater than or equal to one


Below is one more example in which a tester defined a Threshold Criteria with the following conditions:

  • The percentage of Test Runs Incomplete is Not Equal to Zero
  • the number of Test Runs Closed is Less than One.


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