qTest Insights 1.18 September 20, 2018 On Demand Release Notes

New Features for Portfolio Reporting

Mapping Jira Defect Severity Values

This new feature allows you to translate defect severity values defined in Jira to a set of standard severity values in Insights, making it easy to clean up multiple prioritization values that may exist in your Jira projects. Please note that this standardization only applies to the Portfolio Report.

Read the Jira Defects in Portfolio Reporting article for further information on how to use this new feature. 

defect_severity_mapping.pngJira Defect Custom Fields for Portfolio Reporting

This new feature allows you to select your custom Jira defect fields that you want to see in the Portfolio Details table of the Portfolio Overview report.

Read the Jira Defects in Portfolio Reporting article for further information on how to use this new feature. 



Conditional Status Formatting

You can now create Conditional Formatting for an individual Portfolio Report that defines criteria for selected Test Runs and/or Defect Status data. You will create a rule using a conditional expression to define what portfolios should be highlighted with the selected color within the Portfolio Overview table and Portfolio Details table. 

Read the Create and Configure Portfolio Reporting article for more information as well as the Conditional Formatting Examples article.



Unlinked Defects Mapping

Unlinked Jira Defects Mapping is now available in Portfolio Reporting and allows you to bring in unlinked defects into portfolio reports. A new section in Portfolio Configuration allows you to map Jira defects to a qTest projects Release/Test Suite artifact so that they can be reportable in Insights.  Previously the portfolio reports only included linked defects. Now the reports and charts include data for both.

See Unlinked Jira Defects in the following:

  • Portfolio Overview:
    • Portfolio Overview table-Defects and Severity columns
    • Portfolio Details table
    • Defect Status by Portfolio for Test Suite/Release charts
  • Portfolio Progress:
    • Defect Status by Test Suite/Release charts
    • Defect Status Trend by Release/Test Suite charts

Portfolio Details Table

The Portfolio Details Table is located within the Portfolio Overview report at the bottom of the page. It includes details for test runs, Jira defects (both linked and unlinked) and where your Jira Defect Custom fields get applied. Additionally, you will see the conditional status formatting in the data cells.

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