How to Build a Requirement Coverage Chart to Show Coverage on Test Cases


This article explains how to Create a Requirement Coverage Chart in order to show coverage on Tet Cases. Such a chart is useful is trying to measure release readiness and risk.

Build Your Chart

Follow these steps to create your chart in qTest Insights:

  1. Access qTest Insights from the qTest App Navigator
  2. Select Explore Data, and choose Requirements from the drop-down menu
  3. Select Formula

To create the proper formula, enter in this information:

  • Formula: case when [Total Test Cases] > 0 then 'ReqHasTC' else 'ReqNoTC' end
  • Data Type: Text

CoveredReq will become available in the column section. Select the gear icon across Requirement Data to view it:


You can now build a chart, select Chart, and chose the following Parameters:


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