qTest Launch 1.3+ OnDemand Release Notes - August 06, 2018

qTest Launch 1.3.2 OnDemand Release Notes - September 26, 2018

New Features:

  • qTest user now can access to Flood in the 9-box

Bug Fixes

  • Ticket 20014: Universal Agent fails to submit results RangeError: Invalid time value
  • Fixed an issue that caused Tosca parser failed to parse Tosca results when executing Tosca in distribute mode
  • Postman JUnit parser failed to parse the XML result having single <testsuite> tag. This has been fixed.

qTest Launch 1.3.1 OnDemand Release Notes - August 06, 2018


Postman Json Parser

This enhancement enables the parser to parse the JSON result generated by Newman to better support the nested structure test result.  Ticket reference: 18881.

New Built-In Parsers

  • Postman JUnit. This parser parses JUnit XML result generated by the Newman Command Line tool.
  • Allure Results. This parser parses reports generated by Allure reporting framework which is used by an automation framework, e.g. Protractor, and collects test cases to submit to qTest Manager
  • Unified Functional Testing (UFT): This parser parses execution results generated by Unified Functional Testing (UFT) tool and collects test cases to submit to qTest Manager

For more information on parsers, read this article. 

Bug Fixes

  • JUnit for Java parser:
    • Ticket 18881: Failed to parse JUnit XML result with multiple <testsuite> tag.
    • Order of test run logs should start with 1 instead of 0
  • Launch does not update IP address of the automation host when the IP address changed. This has been resolved
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