qTest Automation Host 2.1.1 Release Notes - August 07, 2018


1. Install Multiple Instances of the Automation Host

You can now install multiple instances of the Automation Host as services on the following Operating Systems:

Notes: each service will need to have a unique name and port.

2. Ability to configure automation host name in config command

User is now able to configure hostname in config command with additional -Phostname parameter: 

agentctl config -Phostname="My Automation Host"

Refer to user guides for more detail about the config command

3. Retain Public Certificate

The public certificate will now be retained if it was imported in a previous version of the Automation Host.

Notes: refer to this article: SSL Proxy Configuration in Automation Host to know why you need to import the qTest site's public certificate to the Automation Host running in corporate Proxy environment.

Bug Fixes

  • Ticket 18626: User cannot add a new agent from the Automation Host UI if their qTest version is 9.0 (OnPrem) as the Add button is disabled unexpectedly. This has been resolved. 
  • Ticket 19259: User cannot add a new Agent if they do not have Launch access. This has been resolved. 
  • Ticket 17120: Run job failed with Cucumber project when configuring "Command arguments" having [–plugin] arguments. 
  • Fixed tooltip for activate/deactivate icon of an agent:
    • If the agent is active, the tooltip should show "Active. Click to Deactivate and hide from the Scheduler."
    • If the agent is inactive, the tooltip should show "Inactive. Click to Activate and show in the Scheduler."
  • Ticket 18464. Fixed grammar issue: "All Agents are run now" now changed to "All agents are now running"
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