Insights 1.17 OnDemand Release Notes-August 13, 2018

Release 1.17 August 13, 2018

New Features

Report Gallery and Portfolio Reporting

This release includes a new Report Gallery tab which enables you to view a variety of pre-configured reports that help you understand your data and gain insights quickly.

Phase 1 of this new feature includes Portfolio Reporting which provides cross-project data through two reports:

  • Portfolio Overview: allows you to view cross-project data, test run status, and JIRA defect status at the portfolio level for health analysis. 
  • Portfolio Progress: displays reports for test runs, JIRA defect status, progress, and defect trend by Release or Test Suite across projects.

Portfolio Reporting is currently available for Release and Test Suite data and configuration steps are required prior to beginning use.

Read this article for more information on Portfolio Reporting and how to get started.


  • Phase 1 includes linked Jira defect status information only. Unlinked Jira defect status information will be available in a future release.
  • The new features listed below are important for the configuration process of Portfolio Reporting.

Portfolio Report Settings

The Portfolio Report setting page allows you to create, view and manage your Portfolios. The Portfolio Site and Date fields are configured in qTest Manager at the Site Field level.

Jira Defect Status Mapping Settings

You will need to map Jira Status Values across your qTest Projects, with a standard Insights Status Value and assign an Insights Chart Color to the value. This mapping allows you to view cross-project defect roll-ups, at the portfolio level, within Insights Portfolio Report. You can assign multiple Jira Status Values to one Insights Status Value.

The Insights Chart Color you select here will link the Insights Status Value to a chart color across all projects using Portfolio Reporting. The chart color is not limited to only one status, but you cannot have one status assigned to multiple colors.  

Example: The Insights Status Values of Closed and Fixed are both assigned the same Insights Chart Color pink.   Therefore, all Closed and Fixed statuses will be assigned a chart color of pink across all Portfolio Charts. 


Bug Fixes

  • Ticket 18313: You will no longer have issues viewing charts in delivered PDF's. This has been resolved. 
  • Ticket 18855: Previously, there was a mismatch between the Insights Velocity report and data in Manager. This has been resolved. 
  • Ticket 19588: Dashboards opened from the "Saved with Filers" option in an internet tab would retain the same Dashboard name even if you selected a different Dashboard from "Saved with Filters." This has been resolved. 



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