Insights Settings


The Settings tab allows you to manage certain Insights functionality through the following:

  • Jira Insights Settings
    • Requirement Fields-Pulls in all active Jira fields for Requirement objects (that integrate with a Jira instance.) This has no correlation to Portfolio Reporting.
  • Portfolio Settings
    • Portfolio Configuration- create and configure your Portfolio Reports that you can view in the Report Gallery.
    • Jira Defect Custom Fields- allows you to select your custom Jira defect fields that you want to see in the Portfolio Details table of the Portfolio Overview report.
    • Jira Defect Status Mapping-allows you to map Insights status values and associate chart colors to your Jira status values for continuity when viewing Portfolios.
    • Jira Defect Severity Mapping- allows you to translate defect severity values defined in Jira to a set of standard severity values in Insights, making it easy to clean up multiple prioritization values that may exist in your Jira projects.  


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