Web Explorer 2018 Release Notes

Chrome/Firefox Web Explorer - Dec 20, 2018


  • Chrome Web Explorer: 1.1.22
  • Firefox Web Explorer: 1.1.22

Bug Fixes 

  • Ticket 20102: Performance issue when recording qTest Manager's TestPad

Chrome Web Explorer 1.1.21 - Oct 19, 2018

  • Ticket 21142 - Web Explorer could not capture actions within an iframe that is created on the fly. This issue has been resolved.

Web Explorer 1.1.20 - July 18, 2018


Web Explorer 1.1.20 will work with Firefox version 61.0.1. Read this article for instructions on how to install the Firefox plugin for Web Explorer. 

Bug Fixes 

  • Ticket 15797:  Disparity between on-screen behavior caused by the difference in qTest integration. Previously, users were experiencing a difference in on-screen behavior when testing using different browser integrations. This issue has been resolved. 
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