qTest Insights OnPremise Release Notes - June, 2018

New Features

Jira Requirement Fields

A new Settings tab is available that allows you to pull in all active Jira fields for Requirement objects (which integrate with a Jira instance.) You can drag/drop the Jira Requirements field individually from the Available column to the Selected column. The Jira Requirement fields placed in the Selected column will be available in the Explore Data>Requirements reports.

Additionally, you can edit the column heading, and column type for the Jira Requirement placed in the Selected column. 

To use this new feature, do the following:

  1. From Insights, select the Settings tab.
  2. Select the Jira Requirement Field option and the Jira Requirement Field page loads.
  3. In the Available Jira requirements field column, locate and click to drag/drop the chosen field to the Selected column.
  4. (Optional) Select the Edit option to edit the column heading or column type for the Jira Requirement. This will be the display of what is available in Explore Data>Requirements reports.
  5. Save to save the selected settings.
  6. Select Reset to reset the options listed in the Selected Jira Requirements column.


Executive Charts

The Automation Initiative Progress chart will display your teams progress on automating more tests. There are 4 available panels:

The panels below will show the % of tests executed that were manual vs. automated by day, week, month or release.

  • Test Case Automation Initiative Progress (Day, Week, Month)
  • Test Case Automation Initiative Progress (Release)

The panels below will show the % of requirements associated with manual vs. automated by day, week, month or release.

  • Requirement Automation Initiative Progress (Day, Week, Month)
  • Requirement Automation Initiative Progress (Day, Week, Month)


The Automation Initiative Results chart will show you how the automation efforts are contributing to bugs found in testing. There are 4 available panels:

The panels below will show the % of defects found in testing for manual vs. automated tests by day, week, month or release.

  • Automation Initiative - qTest Defects Found (Day, Week, Month)
  • Automation Initiative - qTest Defects Found (Release)
  • Automation Initiative - Linked Defects Found (Day, Week, Month)
  • Automation Initiative - Linked Defects Found (Release)


The Time to Resolution chart will show you how your development and test teams are working together to reduce turnaround time to fix issues and confirm fixes.There are 2 available panels:

The panels below chart the time between test failed and test passed for each test that failed.

  • Time To Resolution (Release)
  • Time To Resolution (Week, Month)


The Speed to Market chart will show how testing efficiency is improving by each release. This panel shows the number of test cycles and execution duration per cycle for each release.


The Risk Reduction chart will show how the test team is increasing coverage and thereby reducing risk. There are 2 available panels:

The panels below will show the number of components covered by executed tests and the average number of unique tests executed per component.

  • Risk Reduction (Release)
  • Risk Reduction (Week, Month)


The following charts have been added to the Carousel Gallery on the Dashboard:

1. Test Run Status by Project: located in the 'Test Execution' category. This chart will leverage the test run status color which is defined in Manager.

2. Defects (Linked) Priority by Project: located in the 'Defects' category. Only available for Jira and Rally defect data. This chart leverages defect status color which is defined in Manager. Only users who are using the same standard defect status value with Manager can take advantage of the color setting.

3. Defects (Linked) Status by Requirement: located in the 'Defects' category. Available for all external defect data. This chart leverages defect status color which is defined in Manager. Only users who are using the same standard defect status value with Manager can take advantage of the color setting.

Note: These charts include an additional Test Cycle filter (at the chart level) which will display all of the parent Test Cycles for the projects/releases that are selected in the Global Filter. The Test Cycle filter selected in the Global Filter will not apply to these 3 charts because they include their own Test Cycle filter. If there are duplicate Test Cycle names in different projects/releases only one will show with aggregate data.


Unlinked Jira Defects

Insights can now report on unlinked Jira defects, which are defects created directly in a Jira project and are not associated with a qTest Manager Test Run, even though the Jira project is integrated with a qTest Manager project.

Before this release, in the Explore Data> Defects (Linked) reports, Insights would only populate Jira defects which had a test run link (we called them "linked Jira defect.") Now, Insights will populate unlinked defects into this report.

Therefore, 3 new fields are available in the Explore Data> Defects (Linked) report so you can filter if you would like to see your unlinked Jira Defects. The new fields are as follows:

  • Unlinked Defect
  • Jira Project
  • Jira Issue Type

Important: You will need to configure Manager to accept unlinked Jira defects. Those instructions can be found here.

'Old' Report Scheduler Removed

The 'Old' Report Scheduler is now removed from production and all customers will be using the 'New' Report Scheduler that released with Insights 1.14, on November 8, 2017. 

Customers who have yet to migrate your report schedules are automatically moved to the 'new' Report Scheduler, which is more reliable and schedules reports to run in your local timezone instead of the previous UTC-0.

All of your saved reports will remain, but you will lose the report schedules. You will need to reschedule your desired reports using the 'new' Report Scheduler.

Suggested Action Item Before Upgrade: Note your existing report schedules (one way is to capture a screenshot) of your current schedule from the Manage Saved Reports screen. You can use your existing report schedule as a reference when implementing your report schedules in the 'new' Report Scheduler.  

If you chose not to migrate to the 'New' Scheduler previously, your Saved Reports are now listed as 'not scheduled' in the Schedule column as seen below.


To remedy this, read the Manage and Schedule reports with the 'new' Report Scheduler article.

Test Case Custom Fields added to Explore Data>Test Runs Reports

This enhancement allows you to view a Test Case custom field in the Explore Data>Test Runs Report.

Time Interval Increase for Synching Manager and Insights

The time interval for synching Manager and Insights has been increased from 5 minutes to 15 minutes in order to reduce the high load on the database server. Therefore, changes to the following in Manager will be reflected in Insights after 15 minutes:

  • Modules/ Test Cycles
  • color setting for Test Run Status
  • color setting for Defect status

Rally Defect Data now Available in Explore Data Reports

You can now pull Rally Defect Data into the Explore Data/ Defects (Linked) and Explore Data/ Manager Combined Reports. The following field values are available:

  • Rally State

Note: If a Rally defect is deleted in Rally, it will still be visible as active in Manager and Insights. Currently, there is no API from Rally to qTest to notify that a defect is deleted.

Label and Header Removed in Embedded Reports and Shareable URL Reports

The 'Embedded Viewer' label and 'Dashboard Viewer' label, along with the header bar, has been removed from reports shared with the Embed Script or Shareable URL option.

Before Upgrade:


After Upgrade:




Additional Fields Added to Explore Data/ Test Runs

Added 2 new fields to Explore Data/ Test Runs.

  • "Build Number"
  • "Build URL"

Additional Field Added to Explore Data/ Manager Combined

Added a "Test Run Priority" field to Explore Data/ Manager Combined

Release Status now Included in the Global Filter

A new Release Status option has been included in the Global Filter, which now allows you to filter Releases based on their Status and their Release Name. 'Select All' is the default status value, however, you can choose one or multiple Status options. Once a Release Status is selected, the Release Selected (name) filter will reload and display only Releases that satisfy the selected Status. 


Release Date Option added to the Date Range Selector

Release Date option has been added to the Date Range Selector that will display once a Release is chosen in the Global Filter. The following panels will update the displayed start and end dates for the selected Release(s):

  • Dashboards>Dashboard Gallery>Tests Planned vs. Executed panel
  • Analysis>Velocity>Tests Planned vs. Executed panel

If multiple releases are selected in the Global Filter, then the date range displayed will be the earliest start date and the latest end date for the selected Releases.



Reason Field Added to Explore Data>Defects (qTest) Report

The Reason field has been added as a column to the Explore Data>Defects (qTest) report. This column populates Reason information that is entered in qTest Manager when a Defect is created. 

Updated Refresh Interval Times in the Global Filter

The Refresh Interval times have been updated in the Global Filter to allow greater flexibility. Now, you can choose from 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 minutes. Previously, the time options were 30, 60, 90 or 120 seconds.


Site-level custom fields of Release and Test Suite objects are now populated into the Explore Data/ Test Runs report.



Carousel Dashboard Gallery

The Dashboard Gallery now displays as a carousel at the bottom of the Dashboard screen for easier viewing of the chart panels. You can collapse/expand the Dashboard Gallery by selecting the Gallery tab.

Drag/Drop Panels

You have the ability to drag/drop panels from the carousel onto any dashboard (except the saved-with-filter dashboards, because the saved-with-filter dashboard is an uneditable saved version of its original dashboard.) Once a panel has been added to a dashboard, the panel will then be grayed out in the carousel as a visual indicator that the panel is applied to the displayed dashboard.


Panel Categories

All pre-built panels are arranged into categories. There are 9 categories, some charts will be available in multiple categories. The panel categories are:

  • Automation
  • Coverage
  • Defects
  • Executive
  • Jira
  • Requirements
  • Sessions
  • Test Cases
  • Test Execution

Search Panels

You can search for panels by selecting 'All Panels' or by selecting the individual category name. The search field uses predictive text and will begin loading applicable panels.

Sort Panels

You have the option to sort the displayed panels by A-Z, Z-A, and most_recent_insights_icon.png most recent. Select the icon to the right of the search field to change the sort display.


Custom Charts Added to Dashboard Gallery

A custom chart that a user builds via Explore Data Reports and adds to a dashboard will automatically be included in the following categories:

  • Defects- Custom charts from Explore Defects (either qTest or linked)
  • Test Execution- Custom charts from Explore Test Run, Test Run Logs, Manager Combined 
  • Requirements- Custom charts from Explore Requirements
  • Test Cases- Custom charts from Explore Test Cases
  • Sessions- Custom charts from Explore Sessions, Screens

Improvements/Bug Fixes

Performance Improvement to Explore Data/ Test Cases

Note: Existing custom charts/ saved reports still work. However, to take advantage of this performance improvement you will need to remove old custom charts and saved reports which are built from the Explore Data/ Test Case then recreate new custom charts/reports. 

  • Tickets #16938, #16930 - Unable to work efficiently in Insights: Slowness - Performance improved.
  • Tickets #16431, 16756, 16798, 16996, 17013: Unable to receive a scheduled report at the time scheduled. Fixed
  • Ticket #16857: Unable to see Test-case-type-weekly-trend chart: "There was a problem creating the chart". Fixed
  • Ticket #16998: Shareable URL fails to generate. Fixed
  • Ticket #16731: Unable to select priority on char because drop-down is placed behind the chart. Fixed
  • Ticket #15754 - Shareable URL is the feature for Site Administration only as they are the ones who are able to generate dashboard token (from Manager's admin configuration page). Editor will not be visible to this functionality.
  • Ticket #16485 - Unable to load panels in shared Dashboards - All of the charts in the shared tabs in Insights are not showing up. Fixed
  • Ticket #16242, #17215 - User is not able to click on Save button to save reports, the first time the pop-up opens. Fixed
  • Ticket #17159, #17214 - Drilldown charts in Velocity, Quality, Coverage display empty. Fixed
  • Ticket #17309 - Getting error when filtering the field "automated" with data of Yes or No. Fixed
  • Ticket #16080 - Insights timeout when setting filter: updated script to speed up performance while loading data with user filter. This has been resolved.
  • Tickets #15517, #16305, #16392, #16356, #16440: Site level field data did not populate into Insights. This has been fixed.
  • Ticket #15156 - Requirement Coverage Analysis report functioning incorrectly. The following issues have been fixed:
    1. Joining of test runs to requirements (based on test case) to include the project id.
    2. The application of release filter, where release filter is not applied to test runs associated with a requirement.
  • Ticket #12565: The Resized chart is unable to retain size when being saved and scheduled to send via email. This has been fixed.
  • Ticket #16146: Remove Edit option from the Custom panel.
  • Ticket #15798: Unable to see data in Panel: Data cannot be displayed. A custom chart did not display data when added to the dashboard as the filter was not applied correctly. Fixed.
  • Ticket #18231: Failed to send now/ schedule PDF report with more than 10K records. Fix by limiting to only export 3K records.
  • Ticket #18326: Could not close the release banner for trial customer. Fixed
  • Ticket #18091: Custom charts not loading on Insights dashboards. Fixed
  • Ticket #17834: You can now save a report from the Explore Data>Requirements and open it without any errors. This has been resolved.
  • Ticket #17431: Test Results by Day- Previously, the graph did not save a Custom Date Range or Last xx Days. Now, you can select any Custom Date Range and save the dashboard. The selected date range displays properly to the Saved Dashboard. This is fixed.
  • Ticket #17468, #17556, #17655: You can apply a Global Filter for Module/Release on Explore Data>Linked Defect reports. This has been fixed.
  • Ticket #17674: Error selecting any data point in a specific dashboard. Data drill-down table is now correctly displayed after clicking on any point on the chart of a Saved Dashboard. This is resolved.
  • Ticket #17884: Previously, results were not displaying on the Test-Results-By-Day graph in a delivered PDF report. Report is now sent by the scheduler (PDF file) and the report in Insights both display the correct data value. This has been resolved.
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