Manager 9.2.1+ OnDemand Release Notes

Manager 9.2.3 September 20, 2018


  • Tickets 18352, 18639, 18018: Previously, the SAML Token expired after eight hours which caused customers who signed on via SSO to have trouble logging in without routinely clearing their cache. 
    The timeout configuration has been extended from eight hours to one week. This allows customers who need longer log-in sessions to login via SSO without routinely clearing their cache information. 

Bug Fix

  • Ticket 18755: Users can now successfully email Test Run Summary by Assignees reports. Previously, this feature was not working properly. 

Manager 9.2.2 September 11, 2018


Jira Release Integration in Sync with qTest

The Jira Release Integration allows you to select which Release/Fix Versions or Sprints to sync with qTest with a status of "Unreleased". When a Fix Version was updated to "Released" in Jira, qTest would no longer update with the new "Released" status. This meant that the corresponding Release in qTest shows as "Unreleased" when in reality it is "Released" in Jira. 

This feature has been improved and will now display the correct Jira Status in qTest if you have configured your Jira Release Integration to retrieve only Unreleased Versions. 

  • If a Jira Release or Sprint has already been synced with qTest, it will update accordingly when an Unreleased Version is updated to Released.
  • If a Jira Release or Sprint has a Fix Version of Unreleased and it has not been previously synced to qTest, it will sync to qTest.
  • If a Jira Release or Sprint has a Fix Version of Released and it has not been previously synced to qTest, it will not sync to qTest.

Bug Fixes

  • Tickets 17738, 16061: You will now receive one password reset reminder email per day when it is close to your password expiration deadline.  Previously, some users were receiving multiple emails per day. This is resolved. 
  • Ticket 19057: Previously, when importing requirements via JIRA integration, that included a special character would display as HTML code in the folder name. This is fixed.
  • Ticket 18636: In the Test Suite view, column sorting did not work properly and would provide a 500 error when ID was not the first column in the grid. This has been resolved.
  • Ticket 17164: You can now use drag and drop to reorder Site Fields while in Site Administration. This is fixed. 

Manager 9.2.1 August 30, 2018

New Features

Search for JIRA Defects in Test Execution and the TestPad

You can now search JIRA Defects by free text as long as the 'Also populate JIRA defects that are not linked to Manager Test Runs' option is enabled in your JIRA Integration settings. This new feature is available in the TestPad and Test Execution grid.


The defects that return will match the search material, along with their issue types that you configure in your integration settings.

The search results grid provides you with:

  • Defect Name and Description 
  • Defect Status

Select the checkbox for the desired defect and Add. This adds the resulting defects to a Test Log.


Requirements Synced with JIRA 

Custom Fields for JIRA Requirements that sync to qTest displays the "Content Change" hyperlink in the History tab.  Previously, the JIRA API would return a long JSON string. 

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Ticket 15954: Hyperlinks in the Rich Text Editor now opens when you click on the URL.  Previously, to open the URL you would need to also select the Shift key. This has been fixed.
  • Ticket 15998: Multiple Selection fields will now show the first two selections followed by the total number of selections in parentheses. Multiple Selection combo boxes will show the total number of selections in the display field. 
  • Ticket 16835: The scroll bar on a TestPad is now displaying properly. This is resolved.
  • Ticket 17337, 19325: Previously, if a user had an apostrophe in their username the TestPad would be in a constant loading pattern when trying to open in a new window. This has been fixed.
  • Ticket 18612: Releases were not being created if 'link to requirements' checkbox is selected. This is resolved.
  • Ticket 17902: You will now see all of your unlinked JIRA Defects in Insights. 


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