qTest Manager 9.1.1+ OnDemand Release Notes

9.1.4 Release Notes-May 7, 2018

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Ticket 10388: The Test Case tree order will be retained when creating Test Runs with parameters
  • Ticket 10759 and 10149: You will now be able to select "More choices" in Parameters drop-down when creating Test Runs with parameters
  • Ticket 14498: a non-Project Admin user who is granted with the same permissions with the Project Admin profile is now allowed with User Management ability
  • Ticket 15162: the selected number of items per page in the TestPad will be retained for the next time you open the TestPad
  • Ticket 15909: clicking on the Jira Defect ID in "Defect Summary" grid and Statistics section will open the Jira issue page in a new browser tab or window
  • Ticket 16513: retain the custom html tags as normal text in Test Steps.
  • Ticket 16493: when link Requirements to a Test Case by selecting a Release, on Requirements under the Release scope are linked


9.1.3 Release Notes-April 27, 2018


Test Pad Time Tracking Updates

Time Tracking in the Test Pad has been updated to display the actual execution time in the Time Tracking tab if the Time Tracking setting is enabled to automatically calculate your execution time. This way the execution time is synchronized from the time tracking auto-calculation to what is displayed in the Time Tracking tab (which was previously only for manual time tracking entries before Manager 9.0.)

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Ticket 13487: You can now select recipient in an Event Notification without returning an error. This has been resolved.
  • Ticket 13459: Required fields were not functioning properly and allowing users to save without filling out the required fields. This has been resolved.
  • Ticket 14845: Ability to remove a project from a Project Group is functioning properly now. Previously, when attempting to save a Project Group after editing/removing a project from the list, the selected project would recheck itself. This has been fixed.
  • Ticket 15771: User rows in User Management are now aligned correctly if the window zoom is reduced from anything than the default 100%. Previously, if you reduced the window zoom below 100% the row aligned became skewed the further you scroll down the page. This has been resolved.
  • Tickets 15217, 15775: The export button in Test Execution>Defect Summary will now allow you to export the defects in the chosen release. This has been fixed.
  • Ticket 15467: Previously, the API /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/histories returned a '500 internal server error' when searching requirements and a '400 unsupported object type' when searching fields. This has been resolved.
  • Ticket 15431: You can now save Tests with linked bugs properly. 
  • Ticket 15507: The Configuration Label Selection screen will now retain the chosen selections after clearing the filter.
  • Ticket 15717: You can now select a color for Test Run Status when Managing Site Fields. 
  • Ticket 15753: A custom field value can now be seen when using the "/api/v3/projects/{projectId}/auto-test-logs".
  • Ticket 15442: You can now change notification settings for Defects. 
  • Ticket 16349: You will no longer receive an error when accessing previously created data queries after adding new fields to the associated element. 
  • Ticket 16320: In the Automation Test Log API, the Automation Test Run Status is now an editable attribute.
  • Tickets 16562, 16589: A Test Execution result appearing twice in the drop-down. This has been resolved.
  • Ticket 16744: qTest REST API documentation has been updated for the OAuth/login to be more clear.


9.1.2 Release Notes-April 17, 2018

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Ticket 14961: The Jira plugin will no longer attempt to load an insecure favicon. You will not receive an 'insecure request' due to favicon from This issue is fixed.
  • Ticket 16129: Previously, the Test Pad did not support formatting, and bulleted lists were written/copied in Microsoft Word and pasted into qTest. Now that the new Test Pad includes the Rich Text Editor, any test cases prior to Manager 9.1 with formatting produced from Word lost the formatting and appeared in one line of text as opposed to the desired bulleted list. This issue has been resolved and test cases entered before the release of 9.1 now include their desired formatting. 
  • Ticket 16276: When exporting a test run to Excel, lines on the test runs were not exported/formatted correctly. This issue has been resolved.
  • Ticket 16460: Formatting entered in the Preconditions field lost the desired formatting during export. This has been fixed.
  • Ticket 16464: When multiple test cases with bulleting and carriage returns were exported to Excel, the formatting was lost. This has been resolved.
  • Ticket 16400: Linebreaks using the Shift+Enter key combo have been restored. 
  • Ticket 16547: In Test Execution and attempting to view Test Runs for a Test Case, the Test Runs perpetually load. This has been resolved. 

9.1.1 Release Notes- April 12, 2018


Firefox Integration Browser Plugin

You are now able to install and use the Firefox Integration Browser Plugin that is accessible from the Resources page. This plugin is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems and improves submitting issues to your integrated defect tracker.

User ID added to Test Log API Calls

The Test Log API now includes the UserID of the user who ran a specific test in the API.

  • /api/v3.1/projects/{projectId}/test-runs/{testRunId}/auto-test-logs
  • /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/auto-test-logs
  • /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-runs/{testRunId}/auto-test-logs

Field and Value Names Updated in API Calls

The following API return calls have been updated to include field and value names so that the returned API calls are more readable. 

  • Release API's
    • GET/POST /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/releases
    • PUT /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/releases/{releaseId}
    • GET /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/releases/{releaseId}
  • Build API's
    • GET/POST /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/builds
    • PUT /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/builds/{buildId} 
    • GET /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/builds/{buildId}
  • Test Cycle API's
    • GET/POST /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-cycles
    • PUT /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-cycles/{testCycleId}
    • GET /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-cycles/{testCycleId}
  • Test Suite API's
    • GET/POST /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-suites
    • PUT  /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-suites/{testSuiteId}
    • GET /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-suites/{testSuiteId}
  • Requirement API's
    • GET/POST /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/requirements
    • PUT /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/requirements/{requirementId}
    • GET /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/releases/{requirementId}
  • Test Case API's
    • GET/POST /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-cases
    • PUT /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-cases/{testCaseId}
    • GET /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-cases/{testCaseId}
    • PUT /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-cases/{testCaseId}/approve
    • GET /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-cases/{testCaseId}/versions
    • GET /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-cases/{testCaseId}/versions/{versionId}
  • Test Run API's
    • GET/POST /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-runs
    • PUT /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-runs/{testRunId}
    • GET /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-runs/{testRunId}
  • Defect API's
    • POST /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/defects
    • GET /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/defects/last-change
    • GET/PUT /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/defects/{defectId}
  • Query Object API
    • POST /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/search

Additionally, we have added 2 more keys to the API calls listed above.

  • field_name
  • field_value_name: the return value for a "text typed" field will be empty and the return value for a "picklist" will display the text value.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Ticket 13838: The Defect status marked in Test Execution is now in sync with what is displayed in Jira, Test Execution History and the Test Execution Defects view.
  • Ticket 14371: You are now able to see a link created between a Jira Requirement and a Jira Defect. Previously, when creating a Test Case or Defect in qTest, a link is created for a Jira Requirement or Defect, but there would not be a link created from the Jira Defect to the associated Jira Requirement. This has been resolved.T
  • Ticket 16033: Test Step Description formatting has been restored for Test Cases that existed prior to the 9.1 OD upgrade.
  • Ticket 16052: The Defect record will display the Release/Build from the associated Test Run record. Previously, the 'Affected Release/Build'was not updating in the Defect record by default. This issue has been resolved.
  • Ticket 16084: The Test Execution page will no longer stick in a continual loading pattern, nor will you receive an "oops, bug error page" when attempted to mark the run as "passed" using Quick Run. This issue is fixed.


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