Manager 9.1 OnDemand Release Notes - April 02, 2018

Manager 9.1 OnDemand Release Notes

We are excited to announce the official release of Manager 9.1 OnDemand!

Several enhancements have been made to increase the usability of the TestPad. Some of these include:

  • rich-text editor for Test Step Fields
  • view Test Case Properties
  • additional Attachments Tab details
  • auto-calculated time tracking
  • display up to 200 test steps

Additional enhancements were made to Test Case Details and Jira OAuth functionality. Please read below for further information regarding Manager 9.1.

TestPad Enhancements

Below are highlights for each of the TestPad enhancements. For more info on using the TestPad, check out these articles: Executing Test Runs and Submit Defects in Test Execution

Rich-Text Editor

A rich-text editor has been added to the Test Step fields in the TestPad to provide additional formatting options such as bold, underline, and text color. Select the ‘A’ icon to display the rich-text editor, in the following Test Step fields:

  • Description
  • Expected Result
  • Actual Result

The rich text editor has also been included for Test Step Fields found in the Test Case Details Page of Test Design.
Note: When you view steps formatted with the rich-text editor in Data Query, Reports, Exports, History and notification emails, the rich text format is removed.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments Table and Attachment Preview have both been updated to provide you with additional information.

Attachments Table:

The Attachments Table now provides the following details:

  • The user that uploaded the attachment
  • Date of upload
  • Type of attachment  ex: Test Log or Test Case

Attachments Preview:

You can now preview the attached image/file in the bottom panel by selecting the attachment name in the Attachments Table. Alternatively, you can select the backward and forward buttons to navigate through the available attachments.
Note: PDF and Excel will not display the image in preview mode. You will need to download these to view.

Time Tracking Auto-Calculation

Previously, when logging your execution time, you had to manually enter the planned and actual time. Now, when you save a Test Log, the Time Tracking dialog will display with an auto-calculated execution time based on your start and end time. You will have the ability to modify the auto-calculated value.

This new functionality is in addition to being able to manually enter the planned and actual time. If you have logged your execution time on the TestPad, the manually entered values will override the auto-calculation.

Test Case Precondition

The Test Case Precondition is now displayed as step #0 in the Test Step grid. This allows for greater visibility to any preconditions that may be required before testing begins. Previously, you were required to select the Precondition Tab to enter and view this information.

Test Step Display

The TestPad is now able to display up to 200 Test Steps per page. Previously, the maximum number of steps was 50.

Once you select the number of test steps to be displayed, this is a personal user-setting and will become your default until you change it.

Test Step Status

You are now able to select more than one Test Step and set a status to those selected using the checkboxes to the left of each step. Previously, you were only allowed to select an individual Test Step or all Test Steps to mark a status.

Parameters in a Test Step

You can now edit Test Step details (description, expected result or the actual result) even when there is a Parameter for a Test Step. However, you will not be able to change the Parameter value or add a new Parameter.

Test Step Details Displayed in Individual Columns

Test Step details are now individually displayed in columns on the TestPad. This allows you to easily view and enter the Description, Expected Result, and Actual Result. Previously, the Test Step details were entered in a separate pop-up widget.

You can also resize the columns in the Test Step grid to provide more or less information to be displayed in the Test Step details.

Auto-Refresh Test Execution Information upon Closing the TestPad

Test Execution pages (Test Suite and Test Run) will now automatically refresh with the most current test execution information when the TestPad is closed. You no longer need to manually refresh the page to display the most recent test execution information from the TestPad. Important: If you are in the middle of making changes to any Test Execution properties and have not saved, and you close a Testpad, the background page will not refresh until you confirm you want to save your changes.

Test Case Details Tab

The latest Test Case details are displayed in a separate tab for your reference (read-only). You are able to edit the Test Case description if you are granted the Edit Test Cases permission.
Note:If you need to modify the precondition field, this will need to be done in the Test Step Grid because precondition is now step #0 for the test steps.

General Enhancements

Test Run Page

The following tabs have been updated to display the total number of items for each tab

  • Execution History: the total number of Test Logs
  • Attachments: the total number of attachments for the associated Test Cases
  • Comments: the total number of comments

Copy and Paste Test Cases Across Projects

You can now copy and paste Test Cases across projects, provided that the 2 projects are using the same site fields values. You can copy system and custom fields and their respective values.

Jira OAuth Enhancement

By default, the Jira integration using Jira OAuth uses our provided private and public key. Now you have the option to use your own private key to set up the connection.

Read the Connect to Jira Integration article for further information on how to set up your private key in Jira, and read the Security article for maintenance of the private key.

Bug Fixes

  • Auto-sync of a Jira issue to Manager failed if the issue's summary contained non utf-8 characters (such as German.) This issue has been resolved.

Limitation - Known Issue

  • When adding Parameters to a Test Step, if you use your mouse to select a Parameter from the drop-down, the selected Parameter is added and then the editor is switched to view mode. You will need to click the Test Step field to continue editing it.
    Workaround: If you use the arrow keys to navigate in the dropdown and the Enter key to select the Parameter, the editor will be retained.
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