qTest Pulse 9.0 On Demand Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the official release of qTest Pulse 9.0. 

qTest Pulse is a workflow engine for products in the qTest Platform and is currently optimized to integrate BDD workflows for qTest Scenario-BDD for Jira.  It works behind the scenes to integrate Jira software with Jenkins, Slack, and many different plugins to increase productivity within your development process.  Once you establish and set up your Pulse 'Rules', you will be integrated.

'Pulse Rules' consist of Events and Actions, which are ultimately an 'if this event occurs, then I want Pulse to perform this action'. The Event occurs using a webhook and the Action is performed using program code.

Please read the following articles for more information on how to use qTest Pulse for your organization.

More Information

Important: When you are NOT using an SSL configuration with qTest Pulse, Pulse will still generate a Pulse Event webhook URL with 'https.' Therefore, when you enter the webhook URL into an external tool, you will need to manually replace the 'https' with 'http.' Again, this is only when you are NOT using an SSL configuration. We are working to resolve this issue promptly.


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