Slack Action



This 'Pulse Rule' sample sends a message to Slack which will notify a channel or person. For example, if you would like to notify a particular channel in Slack when a Jira task has been added, you can set that PulseRule up here. A webhook must be configured in Slack. 

Set up 'Rules' for your own 'Event' (webhook) and use the sample 'Actions' provided in the program code.

Setup Pulse Rule

  1. Review the Pulse Quick Start Guide for complete instructions on how to add Pulse Events, Actions, and Rules.

  2. Enter the sample Program Code in the Pulse Actions. 
    Note: For the most up to date sample program code, view the QASymphony/PulseRules repository.


Anything that uses constants.X will need your own constants value.

  • constants.SlackwebHook



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