This 'Pulse Rule' sample takes raw Cucumber for Java.json surefire reports and configures them into a format that the auto-test logs endpoint will understand. At the end of this Action, the Rules that use the Action "UpdateQTestAndScenarioWithFormattedReults" will be called.

Note: Anything that uses constants.X will need your own constants value.

Setup Pulse Rule

  1. Review the Pulse Quick Start Guide for complete instructions on how to add Pulse Events, Actions, and Rules.

  2. Enter the sample Program Code in the Pulse Actions. 
    Note: For the most up to date sample program code, view the QASymphony/PulseRules repository.


  • constants.ManagerURL
  • constants.Scenario_Account_ID
  • constants.Scenario_Project_ID


Fields with a $ and all caps that look like a variable must be updated.

Example: In FormatJavaCucumberandReport.js, please replace:


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