Reboot Workaround for Manager 8.7.3 & 8.4.4 OnPremise


In Manager 8.7.3 & 8.4.4 OnPremise, there is a Known Issue where some lock files will get stuck on the system, which prevents Manager from restarting properly after a system reboot. The qTest service will report "Running" in the Service Manager, but you will not be able to access Manager on your web browser after the system reboot.

This is being fixed with the Manager 9.0 OnPremise release, which will be available February 26, 2018.


You will need to manually clean up the lock files to restart your qTest service. This will need to be done everytime a system reboot is performed.

Windows Instructions

To Restart your qTest Service Manually on Windows:

  1. Open the Command Prompt (cmd) as Administrator.

  2. Change the working directory in your qtestctl/ folder.

  3. Navigate to the Services application for your Windows Server and right-click to Stop the "qTest" service.

  4. Go back to your Command prompt and List(search) the lock file(s) in the current folder. Use the following command:
    dir *.pid.lock /s /p

  5. Delete the lock files. Use the following command:
    del *.pid.lock /s /p
    IMPORTANT: Only delete files with the .pid.lock extension.

  6. List(search) the lock file(s) again to ensure they were deleted properly. Use the following command:
    dir *.pid.lock /s /p

  7. Navigate back to your Command prompt and Start qTest as a normal (foreground) process. Use the following command:
    qtestctl.bat --offline start

  8. Wait for the application to start. This may take a few minutes. You will receive the following message:
    "qTest has successfully started!
    Press CTRL+C in this terminal or run `qtestctl stop` to terminate the service."

  9. Confirm the availability of the web application(s) by logging in to your Manager instance.

  10. Once you confirm that qTest can be started, return to the Command prompt and terminate the running process using Ctrl + C.

  11. In your Command prompt Restart your "qtest" Windows Service. Use the following command:
    net start qtest



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