Disable Automated Test Step Logs from Automation Host

By default, when automated test results are submitted to qTest Manager, the test case steps are also updated in the log. If the original test case contained test step details with manual test steps, these details would get overwritten, since the automated test step logs would create newer test case version(s).

If you wish to retain test step details from the existing test case, you can disable the automated test step logs in the Automation Host. If this is disabled, once the automated test result submits to qTest Manager, the Test Execution History will show a test result (Passed, Failed) for the overall Test Log only (no Test Step Logs). The existing test case version will remain the same, retaining the values in the Test Step Description, Test Step Expected Result.

To disable the test step logs:

  1. Make sure you are using Automation Host 2.0.2 or later.
  2. Open at /path/to/agentctl-<version>/build/qautomation/config/
  3. Set the value for FORCE_UPDATE_VERSION property to false
  4. If you have multiple Automation Hosts sending results to your qTest Manager project, and if you wish to disable for all Automation Hosts, make sure to follow the instructions above for EACH Automation Host.

IMPORTANT: Once you disable test step logs, this configuration will be applied to ALL agents running on that host, regardless of the agent type (e.g. TestNG, JUnit, Shell Agent). This means every agent will not update test case steps when submitting test execution results to qTest Manager.

NOTE: This option to disable test step logs is also possible if you use the qTest Jenkins plugin to send results from Jenkins. More details here: Jenkins and Bamboo Integration.


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