qTest Insights 1.15.1+ OnDemand Release Notes

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Insights 1.15.8 Release Notes - March 27th, 2018

Bug Fixes

Ticket #15532 - Unable to retain sizes in panel when sharing Dashboard links: Fixed

Ticket #13916, #14183 - Unable to see filters added to report and proper formatting in PDF received. Fixed. Filters tags are added to the PDF report

Ticket #14534 - Suggestion - to improve PDF formatting of scheduled reports: Fixed. The data table in PDF is now expanded same with how it displays in Insights


Insights 1.15.7 Release Notes - March 20th, 2018


Eliminate Duplicates in Explore Data/ Defects (Linked)

Modified the Explore Data/ Defects (Linked) not to show duplicate defects by removing Test Run fields, count of Test Runs, and count of Test Run Logs.

Ticket #14690 - Suggestion to not duplicate Defects in Defect (Linked) Report: Currently report shows a Defect every time it's linked to a Test Run. We've modified the Explore Data/ Defects (Linked) by removing some test run fields from the Data grid to eliminate the duplicates.


Added "Automated" Flag Field into Explore Data/ Test Runs, Test Run Logs, and Manager Combined

Ticket #15326 - Suggestion: When creating Insights we want to filter the data using the Automation flag. With this release, "Automated" field has been added to Explore Data/ Test Runs, Explore Data/ Test Run Logs, and Explore Data/ Manager Combined.

Additional Fields Pulled to Explore Data/ Requirements

  • Reporter
  • Affect Version
  • Created Date

Additional Fields Pulled to Explore Data/ Defects (Linked)

  • Reporter
  • Affect Version

Ticket #15425 - Suggestion: JIRA Created but not available in Insights:  With this release, Reporter has been added to Explore Data/ Requirements, Explore Data/ Defects (Linked.)

Bug Fixes

  • Ticket #15012 - Unable to receive reports at a correct time: There is misfire mode to re-run schedule reports which were missed if the server was suddenly down or Insights release deployed. However, time for next run of this misfire was wrongly calculated so the next schedule will be fired at an unexpected time. Fixed.
  • Ticket #15434 - Unable to fit charts in panels: The charts do not fit panels in the saved-with-filter dashboard, while they do fit when in the original dashboard. Fixed.
  • Ticket #15457 - No longer able to schedule a report for e-mailing: Customer always got error "Email address is empty" though they have entered the field. Fixed
  • Ticket #15451 - Requirements and Defects (Linked) fail to show. The table colors do not extend that far. This actually happened in all Explore Data reports. Fixed.

Insights 1.15.6 Release Notes - March 13th, 2018


Share All Dashboards to Non-qTest License Users

This release introduces an enhancement to the Share Dashboard URL feature. Previously, Insights users were only able to generate and share the 'direct access URL' for the "Shared Dashboard".

Now, you can share any dashboard found in the Dashboards tab to someone without a qTest account. Specifically:

  • system Shared Dashboard
  • user-created dashboards 
  • saved-with-filters dashboards 

NOTE: The old Dashboard URL that a user created, before the 1.15.6 release, still works until the dashboard expiration date. See image below.

For further information please read the Sharing Reports and Dashboards article.


Shareable URL Locations

You can find the "Shareable URL" function in the Global filter of any dashboard or from the individual reports on the Manage Dashboards page.

Use the Shareable URL Function

When you select Shareable URL, a popup appears for you to either:

  • Send an email to users 
  • Copy the URL


Bug Fixes

  • Ticket #12761 - Unable to display Insights reports in Confluence: Customer encountered issue (some reports not loaded) when embedding multiple scripts (over 20 scripts) into a confluence page. This has been fixed.
  • Ticket #14477 - URL for custom dashboards saved with filters without logging into qTest has been fixed.
  • Ticket #15010 - Unable to maintain Dashboard names. Dashboard name was changed when the user switches tabs or between New Dashboard then to the Shared Dashboard. This has been fixed.
  • Ticket #15011 - Release filter for charts created from Defects (qTest) Explore Data Report not working correctly when placed on a Dashboard. Fixed by modifying the 'Explore Data Report release filter' to work correctly on dashboards. Charts created prior to deployment of this correction will need to recreated.
  • Ticket #15146 - 'Filter by release' coverage report shows no data even though data should display. Release Global Filter for Coverage Analysis is applied to Releases associated with Requirements. An examination of the database shows no Releases associated with any requirements for this client. The error when applying Project Module filter is a bug and a fix. 
  • Ticket #15387 - Dashboards Creating Themselves. If the embedded report is set to be reloaded by a certain interval, the new same dashboard is automatically created due to the parameter "NewDashboard=true". This issue was fixed by removing such parameter from the embedded script.
  • Ticket #15389 - "We're sorry page." The error occurred when a user generates embed script while creating a dashboard, then paste a script to their confluence or any webpage. Fixed by disabling the 'generate embed script button' while a customer is on the 'Create Dashboard' page.

Insights 1.15.5 Release Notes - March 5th, 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Ticket #15021 - Unable to efficiently work in Insights: Performance Issues in Explore Data/ Test Runs has been improved. 
  • Ticket #14593 - Unable to stop receiving reports after deleting a schedule has been resolved. Previously, if a report email was configured in the old scheduler, the recipient would still receive the report email although the schedule was removed.
  • Ticket #14823 - Limitation in email id's for scheduling reports has been resolved. You can now enter a maximum number of 1000 characters.
  • Ticket #14373 - Unable to export Test Run Details from Insights has been resolved. You can now export Test Run Details as a PDF correctly.

Insights 1.15.4 Release Notes - February 26th, 2018


Upgrade Logi Platform to 12.5.127-SP1

  • Week option for Crosstab and Charts in Explore Data reports
  • Send now HTML and CSV for Explore data report 
  • Fix the issue of "filter not applied to CSV and HTML report"

Additional fields into Explore Data/ Defects (qTest)

  • Add new fields Test Runs (Total test run counts), Test Run Logs (Total Test run log counts) into Explore Data/ Defects (qTest) and updated associated drill down reports
  • Add time component to the field Close Date of Explore Data/ Defects (qTest)

Additional fields into Explore Data/ Test Run Logs

  • Added Execution Seconds and Planned Seconds to Test Run Log Explore Data and Drilldown reports
  • Modified minutes fields (Execution Minutes, Planned Minutes) to show partial minutes.

Custom charts are now available in embedded reports

  • The custom charts are now available in embedded reports

New 9box Icons


Bug Fixes

  • Ticket #14437 - Unable - to see correct data for manual tests
  • Ticket #14724 - Unable to see a correct display of values: values are being "recycled"
  • Ticket #14779 - Unable to see a correct display of values: values are being "recycled"
  • Ticket #14423 - Insights drill down does not retain dashboard chart's setting
  • Ticket #14492 - Unable to see Dashboards with saved filters because the global filter is carrying over
  • Ticket #14599 - Unable to see charts properly extended in shared dashboards
  • Ticket #14484 - Unable - to scheduled reports after release
  • Ticket #14541 - Unable to see the correct tab in the saved report

Insights 1.15.3 Release Notes - February 5th, 2018


Improve performance to Explore Data/ Test Cases

Bug Fixes

  • Ticket #14106 - Question about Quality analysis report - by test cycle not including Automated data
  • Ticket #14281 - QTest Insight Export Data for Test Case giving exception
  • Ticket #13570 - Unable to efficiently work in Insights: Performance issues
  • Ticket #14109 - Unable to connect to Insights without Product module error
  • Ticket #14229 - Insights performance
  • Ticket #14273 - Insights Embedded Scripts

Insights 1.15.2 Release Notes - January 30th, 2018


Add Week option to a Custom Report

When you select a Date field from "Label Column" drop-down, you now will see one more option to create a custom report by "Week"


Bug Fixes

Ticket #14238 - Gold Release Bar Showing in Embedded HTML Script

Insights 1.15.1 Release Notes- January 24th, 2018


Time data in Insights now follows user timezone

This release introduces an enhancement to all date time fields in Insights. Insights now display local time (which user has configured in Manager) instead of Greenwich Mean Time. 

New chart - JIRA Requirements Execution Status By Sprint

New chart "Jira Requirement By Severity and Sprint" has been added to the Chart Gallery. You can place it on your dashboard.


New chart - JIRA Requirements Execution Status By Release

New chart "Jira Requirements - Execution Status By Fix Version" has been added to the Chart Gallery. You can place it on your dashboard.

NOTE: The chart views by "Release" which means native Manager release or JIRA sprint/fix version mapped to Manager release.


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