Jenkins Plugin 1.2.1 Release Notes

Jenkins Plugin 1.2.1 Release Notes - Feb 08, 2018

Users can install qTest Jenkins Plugin directly from their Jenkins' Plugin Manager. If you currently have the Jenkins Plugin installed, your plugin version will automatically update. 

Bug Fixes

  • Ticket #13523 - Unable to maintain Test Steps and Expected result using Jenkins
  • Ticket #13598 - Suggestion to enhancement for automation tests to be submitting in order into qTest


  1. Support proxy configuration in Jenkins.
  2. Added an option to override existing test case steps with new steps when submitting test results, namely "Overwrite existing test steps". This option is enabled (checked) by default to keep it backward compatible with previous version of qTest Jenkins Plugin.
  3. Used bulk upload API to upload thousands of test results to qTest Manager.
  4. Added an ability to specify the destination that the test execution results go, be it a Release, Test Cycle or Test Suite.
  5. JUnit test result now is submitted to qTest Manager in the same order they are laid out in the junit.xml.

Compatibility note: the enhancement #2, #3, #4 and #5 only available of you are using qTest OnDemand (latest) or qTest OnPremise 9+ (released on Feb 26, 2018).

The screenshot below shows the enhanced UI of the qTest Jenkins Plugin. For instruction how to get the most from the plugin, check out this article Jenkins and Bamboo Integration.


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