Manager 8.7.3 to 9.0 Load Balancer Upgrade Guide for Windows


In this article, we provide instructions to upgrade qTest Manager from 8.7.3 to 9.0 on multiple windows machines. Please read the instructions thoroughly before starting your installations.

To request assistance with upgrading or obtain the self-upgrade links, complete the Upgrade Request Form and reference the OnPremise Upgrades Guide.

Note: If you are performing a fresh install, use the OnPremise New Install Form and reference the OnPremise Install Guide.

Before You Begin

Read the following:

Upgrade qTest Manager

In the Load Balancing model, there are multiple application nodes. You will need to upgrade each node.

Upgrading an application node will follow the same set of instructions as upgrading qTest Manager on a single server. Please follow these instructions.

NOTE: This diagram is one example of how to deploy qTest OnPremise with the load balancing model. More information and examples are provided in the Selecting your OS and Deployment Model article.


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