qTest Insights 1.15 On-Demand Release Notes - January 15th, 2018

New Features


Create New Dashboard

Besides using the built-in dashboards (Shared and Personal ones as mentioned in the previous section), user also has ability to create multiple dashboards.

  • Click "Create Dashboard", a new blank untitled dashboard will be created.
  • Add panels you want into this blank dashboard
  • Name the dashboard


Action on a user-created Dashboard:

- Rename: Name your dashboard

- Duplicate: Copy a dashboard

- Delete: Delete a dashboard

- New: Create a new blank dashboard



Save Dashboard with Filters

Open a dashboard, from the slide-out Global Filter, click "Save with Filters" button. Your dashboard with its current filter will be saved into a version which we call a "Saved with Filters" dashboard

This feature is useful when you want to create many versions of the same dashboard for different projects, each with different filters applied.



Manage Dashboards

There are 3 sections in Manage page.

  • Available Dashboards: To manage all user-created dashboards 
  • Saved with Filters/ Personal: Personal Saved-with-Filters dashboards 
  • Saved with Filters/ Shared: Shared Saved-with-Filters dashboards 




Manage dashboard:

  • Show in Menu: This option is only available for user-created dashboards and shared Saved-with-filters dashboards. 
  • Share Dashboard: Share a personal saved-with-filters dashboard 
  • View Dashboard: open the dashboard in a new tab
  • Rename Dashboard: rename the dashboard
  • Delete Dashboard: Delete a dashboard. If you delete a dashboard which has associated saved-with-filters versions, the saved dashboards will also be deleted.


New 9box icons



New chart - JIRA Requirements By Severity and Sprint

New chart "Jira Requirement By Severity and Sprint" has been added to the Chart Gallery. You can place it onto your dashboard.



New chart - JIRA Requirements By Severity and Fix Version

New chart "Jira Requirements By Severity and Fix Version" has been added to the Chart Gallery. You can place it onto your dashboard.



Bug Fixes

Ticket #13699 - insights error retrieving data

Ticket #13591 - discrepancy in numbers on planned vs executed


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