qTest Automation Host 2.0.0 Release Notes


  • Added the ability to use the API token from qTest Manager instead of the username and password to register the agent host
  • Support proxy auto-config environment

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to access the qTest Automation Host 1.3.8 when installing it as windows service and restarting the machine
  • Unable to uninstall and completely remove the qTest Automation Host (1.3.8) from a windows machine
  • TestNG: unable to run these agents when configured with a path that contains spaces
  • Removed the log message stating that the agent is downloading something from the repo

Known Bugs and Limitations

JBehave and Cucumber

  • On Windows, when test cases are scanned and created in qTest Manager, if their automation content contains backslash (\), they need to be manually edited to use forward slash (/), otherwise, they will need to be scanned and created again as different test cases
  • JBehave automation projects must include the latest version of the jbehave-plugin-log-collector .jar (version 1.3.3 as of December 19th 2017)
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