qTest Sessions OnDemand Release Notes

4.2 Release Notes - May 28, 2018

Bug fixes

  • Ticket 17066: Notes made to recorded sessions are truncated and not exported.
    • Cause: the note length was limited to 100 characters only when exporting
    • Fix: increase the maximum length of a note to 255
  • Ticket reference 17315: using internet Explorer, user is unable to choose Test Module without drop-down disappearing after every click made to collapse/uncollapse the structure. 

4.1.1 Release Notes - April 23, 2018

Bug fixes:

  • Explorer reverts back to first project after closing an execution. Ticket reference: 16094


4.1.0 Release Notes - January 08, 2018


New 9box icons

  • Provides users with instant access and knowledge to all QASymphony applications
  • You will know if you have access to a specific application or you need to upgrade your license
  • You will know if you have permission to access to a specific application or you need to ask your administrator for access


Bug fixes

  • Unable to export session to PDF: export session to PDF failed intermittently. This release fixed that issue.
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