qTest Insights Weekly 1.14.5 On-Demand Weekly Release Notes - December 11st, 2017


Optimize the Embed feature

  • The Embed feature has been optimized to allow user to embed multiple scripts in one page.
  • The Embed feature has been optimized to work more stable, avoid intermittent issues like License error, We're sorry ... page

NOTE: Existing embedded scripts still work. However, to gain benefit from this enhancement, customer is recommended to clear browser cache, generate new scripts and replace their existing embedded scripts on their sites by the new ones.

New chart - Defects (Linked) Opened vs. Closed 

New chart "JIRA Defect Open Close Trend" has been added to the Chart Gallery. You can place it onto your dashboard.



New JIRA fields pulled to Explore Data/ Requirements

  • Add JIRA Sprint, JIRA Epic Link to Explore Data/ Requirements


Bug Fixes

Ticket #12761 - Embedded Insights reports in confluence display issues

Ticket #12792 - Embed feature issue - License File Error

Ticket #13062 - Unable to explain unscheduled delivered report

Ticket #12448 - Unable to see correct format in delivered report


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