Insights OP 1.12.2: Test Run Latest Result not sync between Manager & Insights

This article describes a work-around for the issue "All Test Run Latest result not sync between Insights and Manager.

All customers using 8.7.3 will potentially encounter this issue. It does not always happen. It is triggered when Postgres is restarted for certain reason.

Affected Version

Insights OP 1.12.2: package qtestctl3.5.2 (for Windows/ Linux) or package docker deployment 4.3 (for Docker)


  • In Insights, all Test Run's Latest Result are "UNEXECUTED" although they have been actually executed with different status in Manager.


  • Check qTest Database, there is no row in insights.report_lookup_config table

Execute following query, and get 0 row returned.

select * from insights.report_lookup_config;



Download the script report_lookup_config.sql, copy it to proper location then execute it.


  • Copy the script to location 


  • Open terminal, from <docker-depeloyment-4.3> directory, run the following command
docker cp insightsetl/report_lookup_config.sql postgres:/tmp/report_lookup_config.sql && docker exec -it -u postgres postgres psql qtest -f /tmp/report_lookup_config.sql


  • Copy the script to location 

<qtestctl-3.5.2 directory>/qtestctl/insights/report_lookup_config.sql

  • Run the following command 
/bin/psql -U postgres -W -d qtest -h  -f /qtestctl/insights/report_lookup_config.sql


Run this script via pgAdmin:

  • Open pgAdmin, connect to qtestdb using user postgres
  • Load report_lookup_config.sql file 
  • Execute script 


  • Copy the script to location 

<qtestctl-3.5.2 directory>/qtestctl/insights/report_lookup_config.sql

  • Open terminal, from <qtestctl-3.5.2 directory>/qtestctl, run the following command
psql -U postgres -W -d qtest -h  -f ./insights/report_lookup_config.sql





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