Create Features and Scenarios in Jira

With qTest Scenario, teams can easily collaborate on Jira issues to create their features and scenarios through a native Gherkin editor experience.  

Some of the benefits of using qTest Scenario editor include:

  • Better collaboration and standardization of all feature files connected to your BDD framework
  • Facilitates autocompletion of tags makes sure your features are organized correctly. 
  • Facilitates autocompletion at the step level for better reuse of previously implemented steps. 
  • Syntax checking and error handling directly in Jira keeps teams from making mistakes. 

Create Feature 

Scroll down the qTest Scenario editor on your Jira issue to begin feature and scenario design.  As you type your feature name, the editor will automatically create a feature name for the directory location. 

  1. Navigate to qTest Scenario editor.
  2. Type in feature name next to Feature: and notice feature file name autocomplete in the directory.

If you click save, and your the feature name directory already exists, qTest Scenario will notify the user that.  This helps limit the mistake of overwriting existing feature files in your VCS.

  1. Save feature with and view conflicting statement within the editor.

Create Scenarios 

qTest Scenario comes with abilities to speed up scenario creation inside of Jira while also maintaining a correct syntax structure.

Autocomplete Steps

The ability to autocomplete scenario steps is a huge time saver for new test scenario creation.  Simply begin typing any word in your Gherkin Given-When-Then steps to see any existing steps displayed as suggestions.  

  1. Enter "coffee should" after And to view all scenario step options.

Autocomplete Tags 

The ability to autocomplete feature tags helps organize your scenarios is an easier manner.  Simply begin typing an "@" and a letter to see any existing tags displayed as suggestions.

  1. Enter "@c" and view all tag options available.

Syntax Checking

To make sure you are following proper Gherkin syntax, qTest Scenario will enforce. This limits the ability to create invalid scenarios in our BDD framework. 

  1. Enter invalid syntax and notice error message.

Save to Git Repository 

Once you click save, your feature file will be sent directly to your repository location that was defined during the quick start setup. 

Any changes that are edited in your Git repository will be synced back into Jira. 

  1. Click save on qTest Scenario editor 
  2. View update in VCS (example GitHub)
  3. Edit feature file in VCS 
  4. View update in Jira 


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