qTest Automation Agent Host 1.3.8 Upgrade Guide on Windows

In this article, we will walk you through how to upgrade your automation agent host version 1.3.7, or, to 1.3.8 on Windows.

Download qTest Automation Agent Host 1.3.8

1. Go to this page Download Automation Agent Host and download the qTest Automation Agent Host 1.3.8 for Windows.

2. Extract to C:\agentctl-1.3.8

Upgrade Automation Agent Host to 1.3.8

1. Remove qTest Automation Agent Host Service

If you have installed qTest Automation Agent Host as a Windows service, follow below steps to remove it. Otherwise, move to step #2.

1.1 Press a combination of Windows + R keys to open Run dialog, then type services.msc OR

1.2 Open the Control Panel, click on Administrator Tools, then double click the Services shortcut

1.3 From the Services window, look for the qTest Automation Agent service, right click on it and select Stop in the context menu.


1.4. Open Command Prompt as an Administrator

1.5 Access to the folder where your old version of qTest Autmation Agent has been installed, for example:

> cd C:\qtest-automation-agent-1.3.7

1.6. Execute below command to remove the qTest Automation Host service

C:\qtest-automation-agent-1.3.7> service.bat remove

If the command was successful, you will see a message that looks like below.

  • 'The service 'qtest-automation-service-64' has been successfully removed

Note: the message may be a little bit different depending on your current version of automation agent host.

2. Remove old environment variables 

2.1. Select Start, select Control Panel, double click System, and select the Advanced tab.

2.2. Click Environment Variables.

Look for these environment variables and remove them:


3. Upgrade to qTest Automation Agent Host 1.3.8

3.1. Open Command Prompt and navigate to the extracted folder of qTest Automation Agent Host 1.3.8

> cd C:\agentctl-1.3.8

3.2. Execute below command to configure the agent 1.3.8

C:\agentctl-1.3.8> agentctl.bat config -Phost=[ip_address] -Pport=[agent_port] -Pqtest.url=[qtest_url] -Pqtest.username=[qtest_username] -Pqtest.password=[qtest_password]

Note: -Phost and -Pport parameters are optional

  • If you do not specify -Phost parameter, localhost will be used
  • If do you not specify -Pport parameter, 6789 will be used


C:\ agentctl-1.3.8> agentctl.bat config -Pqtest.url= -Pqtest.password=n0thIng4y0u

For more detail about how to configure qTest Automation Agent 1.3.8, follow this article: Install and Configure the Automation Agent Host

3.3 Run the backup command to copy data and configuration of the Automation Agent Host 1.3.7

C:\agentctl-1.3.8> agentctl.bat backup -Plocation=[directory_of_qtest_automation_host_1.3.7]


C:\agentctl-1.3.8> agentctl.bat backup -Plocation=C:\qtest-automation-agent-1.3.7

If the command was successful, it will create a backup file at C:\agentctl-1.3.8\backup\

3.4 Next, run restore command to copy the data and configurations of qTest Automation Agent Host 1.3.7 to the new Automation Agent Host 1.3.8

C:\agentctl-1.3.8> agentctl.bat restore -Pbackup-file=[\path\to\backup file]


C:\agentctl-1.3.8> agentctl.bat restore -Pbackup-file=C:\agentctl-1.3.8\backup\

4. Start Automation Agent 1.3.8

C:\agentctl-1.3.8> agentctl.bat start

5. Install the qTest Automation Host 1.3.8 as a Windows Service

Follow this guideline to install qTest Automation Host 1.3.8 as a Windows Service: Install Automation Agent Host as a Service

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