qTest Insights Weekly 1.14.2 On-Demand Weekly Release Notes - November 20th, 2017


Color consistency across Insights and Manager 

This is an enhancement to pre-built charts about Defect status and Test Run Latest Result to ensure Colors are consistent across Insights and Manager.

Color of Defect status and Test Run Latest Result can be set up differently in different projects of a site in qTest Manager. Color set which is used in most projects of a site will be applied to Insights charts. 

If a status color is not defined from Manager, Insights will randomly select a color for it.




New OOB Chart - Defect Status Trend (qTest) 

New chart "Defect Status Trend (qTest)" has been added into the gallery to place onto Dashboard.


Bug Fixes

Ticket #12145 - Unable to export headers with color: Insights OD

Ticket #12498 - Calendar is not visible in new scheduler for reports in bottom of the screen

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