Manager 8.8 OnDemand Release Notes

8.8 OnDemand Release Notes-November 20, 2017

End of Support Announcement

  • Beginning with Manager 8.9, qTest APIs will no longer be accessible using http. Please make sure to change your target URLs to use https instead or accept a 301 response as a successful response.


  • Ability to customize view of Defect Summary tab in Release, Test Cycle, Test Suite pages, and Defect tab in Test Run page
    • You are able to add more fields (qTest or JIRA fields) to the grid, and drag-drop columns to reorder them. This Defect Summary view is your personal view (does not impact other users) and the customized view will be retained for your next login session


    • NOTE: If there are any field settings updates in JIRA but you have not seen the updates in qTest Manager, the Project Admin should Refresh Field Settings in the Defect Configuration dialog of Integration Settings. Refreshing these defect fields will allow you to view the latest field settings from JIRA (e.g. Updated defect field names, new defect custom fields or values)



  • Ability to set a fìeld as required without selecting a default value
    • The system will no longer auto-select a default value for picklist fields that are marked as “required”
    • In the Field Settings panel, the Project Admin can now deselect the default value of existing required fields

  • Improve the display of History tab in Test Suite and Test Run pages
    • Instead of clicking on Content Change link to view the old value vs new value of a field, they are shown directly on the History grid
  • Display consistent Test Run order within a Test Suite (Test Run order in the left panel tree matches the order in the Test Run grid)
    • Whenever Test Runs are reordered in the grid, the order in the tree is automatically updated in real-time
    • However, when Test Runs are reordered in the left panel tree, the Test Run order in the grid will not auto-refresh. To streamline this process, there is a notification bubble will prompt you to manually reload the page if data was changed
  • Shared Test Cases’ information is included in the Test Run grid in Release, Test Cycle or Test Suite pages

Known Limitations

  • Displaying markdown formatted Jira fields (defect fields and requirements fields)
    • Impacts UI (Jira requirement, defect summary grid, and defects tab of TR) and Export Reports
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