How to Migrate to New Report Scheduler-On Premise

The old Insights Report Scheduler has some limitations, the main one is that currently uses Greenwich Mean Time and not local time.   To address this, we have implemented a new report scheduler to make sharing reports more reliable.

NOTE: New Scheduler is available for Insights version 1.14. All new accounts will only use the new scheduler after 1.14 release.

Migration steps to move from old to new scheduler

You don't have to migrate right away, you can continue to use the old scheduler.  However, once you click to migrate, all reports will be migrated automatically, after which you will only use the new scheduler.

  • For existing accounts, In Saved Reports/ Manage, you will see a prompt message to migrate.  


Click the link to migrate. During the migration process, all schedules are deleted, but your reports (bookmarks) remain.

  • You’ll see “Unscheduling task” message shows up once a report is unscheduled
  • After all reports are unscheduled, you’ll see message “Finished unscheduling process”
  • And then you’ll be navigated to new scheduler


  • In New Scheduler, you’ll see all of your reports marked as “not scheduled”. You’ll need to schedule them again.

Example: In the screenshot above, I have a report named coverage1 which was scheduled to run at 8AM on Nov 1st.

After I move to the new scheduler, the coverage1 report still remains in the list, but it is displayed as “not scheduled”. I’ll need to schedule it again.


New scheduler 

Select Schedule to open the Schedule Report dialog



  • You can customize subject of the report email by inputting into the field "Title"
  • New Scheduler covers all other schedule types as the old scheduler is offering right now, except for one type which is certain numerical weekday of the month(s). For example: "the 1st Monday of November and December"


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