End of Support Announcements for qTest


This page contains announcements for the end of support for various features used within qTest products.

Supported Compatibility with External Tools

  • QASymphony cannot guarantee compatibility with versions of external tools that have reached End of Life.
  • To view a list of supported versions of Atlassian products, like Jira, please see: Atlassian Support End of Life Policy

Integration Browser Plug-ins

  • Firefox and Safari plugins have been temporarily removed from the Resources page.
  • In the meantime, we recommend that you use Chrome or IE when using qTest with external integrations Jira, Rally, and VersionOne

API Access using http

  • Beginning with Manager v8.9 (targeted for January 2018), qTest APIs will no longer be accessible using http.
  • Please make sure to change your target URLs to use https instead or accept a 301 response as a successful response.

UFT V1 Integration

  • After this was released in July 2016, we released UFT V2 (with even more capabilities) in August 2017.
  • UFT V1 integration was deprecated in January 2018.
  • To integrate with UFT, we recommend using the new UFT V2 agent. 

TestNG V1 Integration

  • After this was released in April 2015, the legacy plugin was replaced by the TestNG V2 agent (with even more capabilities) in July 2015. The legacy TestNG V1 was removed from the Resources page starting with Manager v8.6.2. 
  • To integrate with TestNG, we recommend using the TestNG V2 agent

HipChat Plugin

  • This integration was released to the Atlassian Marketplace in March 2016. Due to the low usage of the HipChat plugin, and the Atlassian announcement of Stride (HipChat's successor), this plugin was removed from the Atlassian Marketplace in October 2017.

Mobile Explorer

  • Deprecated in August 2017 and removed from Resources page starting with Manager v8.6.2.
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