Your Options for qTest Scenario - BDD for Jira


Due to an increased strategic focus and investment on Enterprise BDD, we are announcing an end-of-life for your current paid qTest Scenario add-on and replacing it with a NEW FREE add-on with the BDD capabilities you love.  Don’t worry - we are invested in making sure the transition is smooth, and that there will be no disruption to your current use of the tool

Why the Change?

In order to achieve these new capabilities, we need to deprecate the paid version of ‘qTest Scenario for Jira’ and deploy a new FREE add-on called qTest Scenario - BDD for Jira. We’ll save you the technical explanations but to get these new features, we needed to implement a new architecture that is a large departure from the existing scenario.  The new qTest Scenario - BDD for Jira will be a tighter, more collaborative experience that will allow

  • Public repository integrations with Github and Bitbucket
  • Autocompletion of tags and steps
  • Easier project setup
  • Better links between Jira issues and feature files
  • Greater speed and scalability, on-premise support, and permissions/audit support, by using version control systems as a backend

What Are My Options?

The good news is you have three options moving forward:

  1. Start using the NEW FREE qTest Scenario - BDD for Jira: 
    • Effective today, there is a new add-on titled qTest Scenario - BDD for Jira that will be offered free of charge in the Atlassian Marketplace and will have the functionality outlined above.
    • Monthly customers can opt into using the latest free version of the plugin and will not be billed going forward.
    • We advise that you move your BDD experience to this new add-on 
  2. Move to NEW PAID with qTest Pulse:
    • Effective today, there is a new add-on titled ‘qTest Scenario - BDD for Jira’ that will be offered free of charge in the Atlassian Marketplace and qTest Pulse will be offered as a commercial product from QASymphony Sales.
    • Pulse will be licensed directly through QASymphony Sales (not the marketplace).  Please contact for more information and to schedule a demo.
  3. DO NOTHING, 90 Days Sunset:
    • Since we will no longer be making enhancements to your current ‘qTest Scenario for Jira’ add-on, we will be sunsetting support and hosting within the next 90 days.  At that point, we will entirely deprecate “qTest Scenario for Jira” and will no longer be supporting this product.  As feature and scenario data is stored on our servers, users will no longer be able to access their data past the 90 days notification. 

*Please note for options 1 and 2 above, we will need to work with you to transfer your data from the current scenario servers to the new ones, which will require your cooperation.

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