Import Datasets


The import datasets functionality allows you to import one or multiple datasets at a time into your qTest Parameters. All you need is an Excel file that conforms to the pre-defined template that includes datasets, parameters, and values to be imported.

Import Datasets

To import Datasets, follow these steps:

  1. In qTest Parameters, select the Datasets tab.
  2. Select Import.
  3. The "Import Datasets" dialog displays. Select an Excel file to import and drag and drop it into the drag and drop field.
    Note: Make sure that your file follows the correct format. Select the "the template here" hyperlink to view the correct format.
  4. Choose the Project(s) that you want to be associated with your Datasets by selecting the correct project in the +Project drop-down menu. Select OK.
    • You can either search for a project using the "Search for a project field" or select the checkbox(es) next to the projects.
  5. Optional: you can select whether you want to skip parameters in your importing datasets if they are already inactive or archived in the system. To do so, select the checkbox next to "Skip inactive or archived parameters."
  6. Once done, select Import.

An "Import Datasets Result" dialog displays. Here, you can view the imported datasets being arranged horizontally as a tab page.import-ds-result-01.png

  • Selecting each dataset name will allow you to view detail of that imported dataset, grouped into these sections:
    • Imported rows: details of rows successfully importedimport-ds-result-02.png
    • Skipped rows: details of rows being skippedimport-ds-result-03.png
    • Skipped Parameters: details of parameters skippedimport-ds-result-04.png



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