qTest Automation Agent 1.3.6 Release Notes

New Shell Agent

  • We are introducing a new plugin, the Shell Agent plugin, which is capable of kicking off shell scripts (Linux and MacOS) or batch scripts (Windows)
  • The Shell Agent is the newest option in the Test Automation Scheduler that offers a high level of flexibility including:
    • Ability to schedule automated test execution (for tests in any framework and language, including custom frameworks)
    • Automation scripts can be stored in a file that is located in the local machine or in a shared network directory
    • Ability to kick off commands, shell / batch scripts, or executable files that are executable from your console or terminal.
    • Ability to define which test runs get executed and how the results will be passed into Test Execution (by using APIs)

Using information passed from qTest Manager in your scripts

  • When Test Runs are scheduled from qTest Manager UI, extra data of these Test Runs and their Test Suite are passed along with the schedule to the agent
  • You can pass those data using command arguments to your kick-off scripts
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