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Starting from version 2.0.0, the download page has moved to

Version Release Date Download Compatible qTest Manager Version Release Notes
OnPremise OnDemand
1.3.8  November 06, 2017 

Download for Windows

MD5 checksum: ef34b43f9f02c607f25eaf36aafc4ab9

8.7.3  Latest 

1. Install and configure the agent host from command line

2. Allow to configure proxy settings when installing the agent host

3. Ability to install the agent host as a service on Linux and Mac

4. Enhance upgrade process

Installation Instructions

Upgrade Instructions

Known Bugs and Limitations

  • Java 9 is not supported
  • Unable to kick off tests if path to the test location contains spaces.

Download for Linux

MD5 checksum: ad3090295a60f9635a3db2afa44a82ee

Download for Mac OSX

MD5 checksum: bee68e7676f099077198066318d663bf October 23, 2017  8.7.3  Latest  

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue that caused the automation agent to not restart.

Installation Instructions

Upgrade Instructions

1.3.7  N/A  8.7.3 Latest   


1. Automation project is executed twice when scheduling test with shell agent

2. Shel Agent: job starts only when previous job completes

3. All the agents now start job in sequence, not parallel

Bug fixes

Removed error message being logged in the log file of qTest Automation Host when updating job status to COMPLETED

Known Bugs and Limitations

  • Java 9 is not supported

Installation Instructions

1.3.6  N/A 8.7.3  Not compatible

New Shell Agent

1. We are introducing a new plugin, the Shell Agent plugin, which is capable of kicking off shell scripts (Linux and MacOS) or batch scripts (Windows)

2. The Shell Agent is the newest option in the Test Automation Scheduler that offers a high level of flexibility including:

  • Ability to schedule automated test execution (for tests in any framework and language, including custom frameworks)
  • Automation scripts can be stored in a file that is located in the local machine or in a shared network directory
  • Ability to kick off commands, shell / batch scripts, or executable files that are executable from your console or terminal.
  • Ability to define which test runs get executed and how the results will be passed into Test Execution (by using APIs)

Using information passed from qTest Manager in your scripts

1. When Test Runs are scheduled from qTest Manager UI, extra data of these Test Runs and their Test Suite are passed along with the schedule to the agent

2. You can pass those data using command arguments to your kick-off scripts

Known Bugs and Limitations

  • Java 9 is not supported

Installation Instructions


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