qTest Insights 1.13 On-Demand Release Notes - October 10th, 2017

New Features

Pull Site-level Custom Fields

Insights provide ability to build custom reports based on custom fields which user created from qTest Manager.

Please note that Insights supports cross-projects reports, so Insights only pulls site-level custom fields from qTest Manager. Your custom fields should be set up at site level in order to be pulled.

See the Site Fields article in for a step by step guide on setting up site level fields for your qTest projects.

Quick Example

The first image demonstrates the field "SampleSiteLevelCustomField" has been created and added to the Test Run object of Project "AnhProject"


The second image demonstrates that Insights has pulled SampleSiteLevelCustomField into Explore Data/ Test Runs report.




Filter tags

Filter tags displayed at the right corner of the report will let you know which filter criteria (Project/ Test Cycle/ Modules/ Release) have been selected for the report.

The Filter tags are available on every Analysis reports



The Filter tags are available on Personal/ Shared Dashboards


And the Filter tags are available on every Explore Data reports.


Bug Fixes 

Ticket 11594 Unable to View Accurate Defect Analysis Panels 


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