Custom Fields Reporting


qTest Insights provides the ability to build custom reports based on custom Site Fields which you create from qTest Manager.

Note: Insights supports cross-project reports, therefore, Insights only pulls site-level custom fields from qTest Manager. Your custom fields MUST be set up at the site level to be pulled. Insights will not pull fields that are only associated with the 'Project' level. 

Insights will pull custom site fields into the following Explore Data areas:

  • Requirements
  • Test Cases
  • Test Runs
  • Test Run Logs
  • Defects (qTest).

The following example is to describe the typical flow from creating a custom site field, including it in a template, add the mapping a project to the template, and finally showing fields in Insights' explore data reports. 

See the Site Fields article in for a step by step guide on setting up site level fields for your qTest projects. 

 Select Your Custom Field for Reporting

After creating your Custom Field(s), they automatically populate to Insights' Explore Data Reports. To select your custom fields for your report(s), follow these steps:

  1. Select your report category from the Explore Data drop-down menu. For the following example, we are exploring Test Run Data. 
  2. Select the Gear icon next to "Test Run Data."
  3. In the 'Hide and show columns' section, select the checkbox for the Custom Fields you want to include in your Report.
  4. Select Ok.



To quickly know if custom fields in your project are site fields and eligible to be pulled into Insights, check the Field Settings of your Project. The fields marked as both "CUSTOM" and "SITE FIELD" will be pulled into Insights Explore Data reports.

For example: In the following screenshot, the highlighted fields populate into the Insights' Explore Data reports.




When a site-level custom field is deleted/updated from qTest Manager, that change will not automatically update to an Insights Explore Data Report. You may need to access another Explore Data report then open that report again for the grid layout to be fully reset.

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