How to collect logs for Desktop Explorer

Logs are useful for QASymphony Customer Support team when assisting issues regarding qTest Explorer usage. Logs are included in Desktop Explorer's System Information, e.g. your Operating System version, Desktop Explorer version, and errors, if any, etc.

If Desktop Explorer failed to start, collect the log files from below locations then attach them to your support ticket:

  • C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\QAsymphony\qTest Explorer Integrated\qTest eXplorer Integrated.log
  • C:\qTest Explorer Integrated\Shared\IntegrationServices.log

If Desktop Explorer started successfully but there are errors occurred during its execution, perform the following steps to export logs to a text file:

1. Go to the system tray at the bottom right corner of Desktop Windows, then right click on Desktop Explorer icon and select About menu item.

Note: if you do not find Desktop Explorer icon in the system tray, then probably it is not running. If this is the case, you can launch Desktop Explorer from Desktop shortcut or from Start menu.


2. On About dialog, click on System Info button. You will be presented with System Information screen.



3. Click on Export button.

4. On Save dialog, enter a name for your log file, which is SystemInfo.txt by default, then click Save. Desktop Explorer will save all the information, including logs to a file at the location you have chosen.

5. Desktop Explorer shows the content of the logs in default text editor for you to review


6. Now you can attach the log file to your support ticket.








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