qTest Insights 1.12.2 On-Premise Release Notes - October , 2017

Installation/Deployment Packages

Deployment packages

  • Insights 1.12.2 fresh installation are available for either Windows or Docker or Non-Docker Linux
  • Check out this article for installation guide of Insights 1.12.2
  • Check out this article for upgrading guide (for Docker or Windows) from Insights 1.11.2 to 1.12.2

New Features

Limit user access to their assigned projects 

  • Currently, the Administrator can access Insights and perform all functionalites (view, build dashboard, create custom report, schedule report, etc.) to all projects of the site. This enhancement is to provide the ability to limit them to only the projects they are assigned to. 
  • The feature is turned off by default. To turn it on, check the box "Limit user's access to assigned projects in Insights" then click Save button. 

NOTE: When you change the setting to turn on/off the feature, in order for the changes to be effective, make sure to close your current Insights tab and launch Insights from the Manager's 9box again.


  • Once the feature is turned on, in Insights
    • The Global Filter (the left panel in Analysis and Dasboard pages) only loads projects which the user has access to, together with other criteria like Module, Test Cycle, Release, etc. of such projects.
    • Data in all OOB reports are also limitted to user's assigned projects 
    • Different report views under Explore Data only pull data of user's assigned projects
    • Manage/ Saved Report: When you save a report, it is your personal saved report until you share it
    • Share Dashboard URL: User (normally the executives or outsider who does not have qTest account) accessing Insights Dashboard through the Shared Dashboard URL, still sees data of all projects of the site.



Global Filter in Explore Data 

Added Global Filters to Explore Data reports. This is to improve the performance of Explore Data reports and allow the ability to filter custom charts when they are placed to Dashboards.

NOTE: Global Filter in Explore Data reports and the built-in Filter function in Explore Data reports (the button FILTER) are combined and affective to custom charts, so if you use the same criteria in the 2 filters, the more restrictive one will override the other.



Add new pre-built report Test Planned vs. Executed


Add new pre-built report Test Case Type Weekly Trend




Ability to filter custom panels

Ability to filter custom panel is NOT our limitation any more.

The Global Filter is now applicable to custom charts and crosstabs which are generated from Explore Data reports then placed on a personal or shared dashboards.

NOTE: Global Filter will not apply to existing custom charts which were created before the Global Filter in Explore Data is introduced.


Add By Module tab to the Quality Analysis 

Add By Module table to Quality Analysis that allows the client to filter by all or selected portions of the project module hierarchy using the global filters. Project, Test Cycle and Release filters can also be applied to this report.


Global Filters - People in Velocity Analysis

  • Limit the members on People dropdown to only the members assigned to the project when the project is selected

Enhance Test Planned vs. Executed on the Velocity Analysis report

  • Enhance the "Tests Planned vs. Executed" on the Velocity Analysis report to supports daily, weekly and monthly trends for a specified data range


Change to Defects Opened vs. Closed (qTest) chart 

  • Update the "Defects Opened vs. Closed" chart to reflex closed defects by status instead of Closed Date. Defects with status "Closed" or "Deferred" contribute to the Closed Line. Defects with other statuses contribute to the Opened Line.


Update Get Help link  

  • Update Get Help URL to point to new Support site

Update to Quality Analysis/ Latest Test Execution Results 

  • Update the Quality Analysis/ Latest Test Execution results chart to  also count unexecuted test runs




Color consistency for Latest Test Run Results and Test Results by Day

Chart color for different test run results are now consistent in 2 charts "Latest Test Run Results" and "Test Results by Day"





Add Module Path, Test Cycle Path into Explore Data reports 

Added additional levels (3 -> 8), module path name and module path ids into Explore Data/ Test Runs, Test Run log, Manager Combined, Requirement, Test Case, Defect and Linked defect.

Added additional levels (3 -> 8), test cycle path name and test cycle path ids into Explore Data/ Test Runs, Test Run log, Manager Combined, Defect and Linked defect



Add new fields into Explore Data/ Test Run

  • Add new field Actual Time (using the Actual Time data from Manager)
  • Add new field Planned Time (using the Planned Time data from Manager)
  • Add new field Assigned To (using the Assigned To data from Manager)
  • Add new field Test Run Priority (using Test Run's Priority data from Manager)
  • Modify current Latest Execution Minutes = Latest Execution End Time - Latest Execution Start Time

Add new fields into Explore Data/ Requirements

  • Add new field JIRA Reporter (using the Reporter data from JIRA)
  • Add new field JIRA Issue Type (using the Issue Type data from JIRA)
  • Add new field JIRA Fix Version (using the Fix Version/s data from JIRA)

Add new fields into Explore Data/ Defects (Linked)

  • Add new field Date Created (using the Date Created data from JIRA)
  • Add new field Priority (using the Priority data from JIRA)
  • Add new field Assignee (using the Assignee data from JIRA)
  • Add new field Date Resolved (using the date when JIRA ticket gets solved)

Add new fields into Explore Data/ Defects (qTest)

  • Add new field Last Modified User, Last Modified Date
  • Add new field Target Release
  • Add new field Target Build
  • Rename field Release to Affected Release
  • Rename field Build to Affected Build 

Add new fields into Explore Data/ Manager Combined

  • Add Test Case ID into Explore Data/ Manager Combined

Add comments field to Explore Data/ Defects (qTest) 

Pull Comments field into Explore Data/ Defects (qTest)



New option to scheduler report in XLS format 

You can now schedule your report to be sent to your email in different kinds of formats: PDF, XLS, HTML, CSV.


Run History 

View shedule run log to investigate schedule report problems

When you encounter issues with report scheduling such as the report is not sent, you can capture the run log and send to QAS support for quick troubleshooting.






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