qTest Insights 1.12.1 On-Demand Release Notes - September 12th, 2017

New Feature

Global Filter in Explore Data 

Added Global Filters to Explore Data reports. This is to improve the performance of Explore Data reports and allow the ability to filter custom charts when they are placed to Dashboards.

NOTE: Global Filter in Explore Data reports and the built-in Filter function in Explore Data reports (the button FILTER) are combined and affective to custom charts, so if you use the same criteria in the 2 filters, the more restrictive one will override the other.



Ability to filter custom panels

Ability to filter custom panel is NOT our limitation any more.

The Global Filter is now applicable to custom charts and crosstabs which are generated from Explore Data reports then placed on a personal or shared dashboards.

NOTE: Global Filter will not apply to existing custom charts which were created before the Global Filter in Explore Data is introduced.


Add comments field to Explore Data/ Defects (qTest) 

Pull Comments field into Explore Data/ Defects (qTest)





Bug Fixes

  • Ticket 11166  Unable to see data for 'last run date' in report
  • Ticket 10105, 11005, 8513 Filter custom charts on Dashboards
  • Ticket 110558501 Improve Performance of Explore Data Reports



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