qTest Insights 1.12 On-Demand Release Notes - September 8th, 2017

New Features

Limit user access to their assigned projects 

  • Currently, the Administrator can access Insights and perform all functionalites (view, build dashboard, create custom report, schedule report, etc.) to all projects of the site. This enhancement is to provide the ability to limit them to only the projects they are assigned to. 
  • The feature is turned off by default. To turn it on, check the box "Limit user's access to assigned projects in Insights" then click Save button. 

NOTE: When you change the setting to turn on/off the feature, in order for the changes to be effective, make sure to close your current Insights tab and launch Insights from the Manager's 9box again.


  • Once the feature is turned on, in Insights
    • The Global Filter (the left panel in Analysis and Dasboard pages) only loads projects which the user has access to, together with other criteria like Module, Test Cycle, Release, etc. of such projects.
    • Data in all OOB reports are also limitted to user's assigned projects 
    • Different report views under Explore Data only pull data of user's assigned projects
    • Manage/ Saved Report: When you save a report, it is your personal saved report until you share it
    • Share Dashboard URL: User (normally the executives or outsider who does not have qTest account) accessing Insights Dashboard through the Shared Dashboard URL, still sees data of all projects of the site.


Bug Fixes 

  • Ticket 10786 Color inconsistency in Test Results By Day and Latest Test Run Results charts.


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