Manager 8.6+ OnDemand Release Notes

8.6.3 Release Notes - August 22th, 2017


  • "Required field" validation is added for Checkbox type fields

Bug Fix

  • 10793 - Fix the issue with create Test Runs with custom fields using API

8.6.2 Release Notes - August 15th, 2017


Updates to Defect Workflow

If Defect Workflow feature is enabled:

  • When creating a new Defect, Status field is not editable. The Status default value as configured in Field Settings is selected
  • When cloning a Defect,
    • If the original Defect's Status is defined as a "From" value in one of the transition rules and your user profile can perform the transition, the Status value remains
    • Otherwise, it is reset to the default value and it is not editable

API Update

Submits multiple test results and specifies Test Design and Test Execution tree structures API:

  • The enhancement allows you to update Test Run system and custom fields, except for the read-only fields, before submitting results to the Test Runs
  • The submitted Test Log will inherit the latest field values from its associated Test Run
  • There is a difference between updating Test Runs using qTest Manager UI and using this API
    • In qTest Manager UI: once a Test Run is executed, its Environment field becomes read-only
    • Using API: Environment field is editable even when the Test Run has been executed

8.6.1 Release Notes - August 9th, 2017


  • Required field validation is applied to the 'Multiple Selection combo box' type custom fields.

Known Issues

  • A required checkbox is displayed on the 'Edit Custom Field dialog' of the checkbox type custom fields, but the validation has not yet been applied.
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