Administration Overview


This Administration overview is for qTest Manager version 9.3 and beyond. For an overview of qTest Manager 9.2.7 and previous versions, refer to this article.

qTest Administration includes both Global Administration and Site Administration features. These are only accessible by those with the Site Administrator permission.

Access Administration

Hover over your username and in the drop-down menu, choose Administration.


Global Administration

Global Administration includes the following sections and allows administration of users' entire qTest platforms:

  • LicensesInvite and manage users' information such as passwords and activation status
  • Groups: User Groups that affect user permissions and groupings across your entire qTest platform
  • AuthenticationManage User Authentication as it pertains to SSO and LDAP
  • ConfigurationsGlobal time settings and qTest Insights dashboard views
  • SecurityPassword management and log auditing

Site Administration

Site Administration includes the following sections and allows administration of users at the Site and Project levels:

  • Site FieldsManage Site Field templates
  • User ProfilesManage permission based User Profiles taking effect at the Site level
  • Projects: Manage and modify projects and their assigned users
  • Project GroupsThis is a legacy feature used for cross-project reporting. However, all reporting should now be conducted in Insights
  • Reports: The Legacy reporting module. However, we recommend using qTest Insights highly optimized reporting
  • Configuration Field SettingsManage and configure test run configurations at the site-level
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