Manager 8.5.+ OnDemand Release Notes

8.5.2 OnDemand Release Notes - July 11th, 2017

New Feature

Internal Defect Workflow

  • Project admins can limit their users’ permission to update Defect Status by defining Transition Rules of the Defect Workflow
  • The Defect Workflow defines Defect Status transitions and which User Profile can perform these transitions
  • Under the Gear icon of each project, select Defect Workflow Settings. From there, you can define the Transition Rules and enable the workflow
  • To add or remove Transition Rules, click on the Add or Remove icons on the Action columns
  • To temporarily disable a Transition Rule, deselect its Active checkbox
  • To define a Transition Rule, you will need to select appropriate From status values, To status values and User Profiles
    • Any: This is a special value which represent any Status or User Profile values irrespective of whether they have been created or not
    Defect Workflow
  • Once the Workflow is enabled, you can preview the Workflow when updating Defect Status on the Defect detail page. It will only list out the Transition Rules which associated with your login user profile
    View Defect Workflow
  • Updating Defects using Batch Update or Import Defects functions will also need to follow the Transition Rules


  • When using inline-edit function on the Test Run grid, you can use Enter key to save the change
  • The attachment and bug icons are added to the Test Run, Test Execution History and Test Log Details grids
  • Improve the display of called Test Steps in Test Run page
  • Add ability to pass Build Number and Build URL when submitting test results using APIs

Bug Fixes

  • 9258 - When copy and paste a Test Suite, the Test Run order of the new Test Suite will match with the Test Run order on the Test Run grid of the original Test Suite
  • 9921 - On the Test Run grid, only the unapproved Test Case versions are in red
  • 9889 - Test Log fields are populated with corresponding values in Test Run fields when submitting test results using API
  • 9974 - Detach Defects which are linked with Test Step logs from Test Log level
  • 10059 - Schedule multiple Test Runs from a Test Suite
  • 9867 - When Status of a JIRA defect is updated, it will be synced back to qTest Manager
  • 10144 and 9892 - Notification emails with correct comment contents

Known Issues

  • When defining a Transition Rule in the Defect Workflow:
    • When you click Select All, you will see that value "Any" is selected but it will be deselected after the combo box is closed
    • When you select "Any" and any other values, only "Any" will keep being selected after the combo box is closed
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