qTest Insights 1.11.2 On-Demand Hot Fix Release Notes - June 20th, 2017


Change the Test Result by Day (in Quality Analysis) to stacked bar chart

Select the zoom to reload the chart of Test Results by last 30, 60, 90, 180 days or All (all test runs will be counted).


Add option to schedule report in XLS format

User now is able to schedule report in XLS format.


Explore Data - allows multiple options to be set before the page is refreshed.

Instead of refreshing the page for each action an OK button is added. This allows a user to control when the page is refreshed and allows multiple options to be set before the page is refreshed.


Enhance The Quality Analysis schedule report 

The PDF, XLS report for Quality Analysis report now includes all 2 tabs By Project and By Test Cycle

For XLS file, you may need to move around/ arrange the 3 charts for better look.


Bug Fixes

  • Ticket 9648 Unable to view all testers for specific projects in Velocity Analysis Report
  • Ticket 9712 Unable to view non-convoluted image of graphs in PDF version with new UI looks
  • Ticket 8037 Unable to view data in data-chart and data-list in Coverage-Analysis-report
  • Ticket 8534 Unable to view correct tester-values in Insights
  • Ticket 7974 Unable to display Build Identifier 
  • Ticket 9728 Unable to return relevant data for Count-of-Latest-Test-Result-by-Test Suite report in Insights 
  • Ticket 9674 Unable to use filters in Insights for projects that do have test-cycle and module data


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