Insights 1.2 to 1.11.2 Single Server Upgrade Guide for Windows

In this guide we'll run you through upgrading qTest Insights 1.2 to Insights 1.11.2 on a Windows Machine

Before you begin

Before you upgrade qTest Insights 1.2, make sure following things are done:

  • qTest Manager has been upgraded to 8.4.4 
  • qTest Sessions has been upgraded to 3.0.9
  • Access to the server where you install qTest Manager's Database, connect to your Manager database and create a schema for Insights as following instructions:

Connect qTest DB using postgres user

C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.5\bin>psql -h [Your_Postgres_server_address] -U postgres -W [Your_qTest_DBName]
Password for user postgres: //enter your password here

Create Insights schema

create schema [Insights_Schema];


Upgrade qTest Insights from 1.2 to 1.11.2


1. Stop current Insights service, Insights Scheduler service

  • Open command prompt and type services.msc to open Services window 
  • On Services window, look for the service named qTest Insights Scheduler and qTest Insights. Stop both of them


2. Install qTest Insights 1.11.2

2.1 Click this link to download the installation package

2.2 Extract the package and access the directory "qtestctl" 

2.3 Open the file \qtestctl\qtest.config, modify following section only.  


apps = [‘insights’]
postgres {
  host = '<IP address of Postgres server>'
  port = <Postgres port>
    auth {
user = ‘postgres’ 
    pass = '<password of postgres user>'
    db {
    qtest = '<qTest Manager database>'
    session = '<Sessions database>'
Insights {
//Insights HTTP Port, make sure the port is not being used by other application
  httpport = <qTest Insights port>
//Insights Admin Port, make sure the port is not being used by other application
  adminport = <qTest Insights admin port>


2.4 Install & Start qTest Insights 1.11.2

Open the console on your machine, change the current path to qtestctl directory and run following command to let Insights run as service and run following command



 C:\[path_to_qtestctl]>qtestctl.bat start


3. Migrate data from Insights 1.2 to Insights 1.11.2

3.1 Stop Insights 1.11.2

 C:\[path_to_qtestctl]>qtestctl.bat stop


3.2 Migrate Scheduler data

Copy data from directory \qTest Insights 2\local\insights-scheduler\Schedules of Insights 1.2

to new location of Insights 1.11.2 at 



3.3 Migrate web data

Under Root folder of Insights 1.2 \qTest Insights 2\local\insights\webapps\ROOT

copy following folders 


to new location of Insights 1.11.2 at \qtestctl-windows-x64\qtestctl\insights\build\apache-tomcat-8.5.15\webapps\ROOT


4. Start Insights 1.11.2

Start Insights 1.11.2

 C:\[path_to_qtestctl]>qtestctl.bat start


That's everything and you now have qTest Insights being upgraded to 1.11.2. You want to access to your qTest Insights instance via browser to verify if the upgrade process completes successfully, then you may want to unintall qTest Insights 1.2.







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